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FIFA eWorld Cup: The results

FIFA eWorld Cup: The results

Recently we saw the end of the final tournament for the 19th version of the EA football simulator – FIFA eWorld Cup 2019. The main tournament of the year presented us with a decent portion of statistics to be compared with the previous year. And this is what we will discuss today.

Judging by the overall results, the competition has received a significant boost – especially in comparison with the last season. In 2019, the broadcast saw 56 thousand average viewers. The championship also had a total of 244 thousand peak viewers.

In the case of the competition's average viewers figure, an increase worth of 12 thousand people can be seen. On the other hand, the increase of the peak viewers was much larger, being equal to 152 thousand. For the organizers of the championship, such news should be at the very least uplifting.

At the same time, a small shift is observed among the small audiences. We are talking about the Spanish and Portuguese broadcasts. Both streams showed a decrease in numbers of both peak and average viewers. But in all the other cases, such letdowns are nowhere to be seen.

It is worth noting that right before the start of the World Cup itself, two qualifiers have passed: one for the PS4 players, and another one for the XBOX One players. We'll tell you straight away that the Microsoft's platform became the winner in terms of the viewer interest, scoring 3 thousand average viewers more – and as many as 10 thousand peak viewers more – than its counterpart.

By the way, in case you haven't known yet, the organizers came up with an interesting solution for the situation with the XBOX and PlayStation. For more healthy competition, the participants from different platforms were provided with access to both devices and played a match per each device. In a way, we got the “home and away matches”, esports style.

If we talk about the most popular players, then there is no clear winner.

When sorting by peak viewers, the gold goes to MoAubameyang and his opponent in the match Msdossary. Their fight attracted as many as 244 thousand viewers. Silver stays with nicolas99fc, who has reached 176 thousand peak viewers, meanwhile FouadFares earns bronze with his 141 thousand peak viewers.

Based on the average viewers of the matches, a slightly different ranking can be derived. This time, the first spot goes to nicolas99fc, who gathered 139 thousand average viewers. The second in the top was MoAubameyang with his 124 thousand average viewers. Closing the top 3 was Msdossary with his 117 thousand.

In conclusion, we have a situation that demonstrates a growing interest in the game. Over the year, the simulator has gained a new audience, and it seems that in the future it intends to gain more and more momentum. We will closely monitor the situation regarding the new version of FIFA and will certainly notify you of its new accomplishments or failures.

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