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First week of Doom Eternal on Twitch

First week of Doom Eternal on Twitch

Doom series have always been considered one of the main "representatives" of the FPS genre, and one could argue that the original DOOM game was the founding father of the FPS games. The latest game in the series didn't disappoint its fans and gathered a lot of viewers. In this article we are going to summarize the success of the game on Twitch judging by the first week.

First of all, it's worth noting that DOOM Eternal was released at a "suitable time", so to speak. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic most countries have imposed quarantine, therefore a lot of people had to stay at home and somehow occupy themselves. Naturally, there were a lot of gamers among these people, and watching the broadcasts of your favorite game is definitely one of the best way to pass the time.

As a result, on the first day Doom Eternal has managed to gather almost 100,000 concurrent viewers at its peak. And on the next day this number has increased to 140,000 viewers. Although, it looks like we won't see a new record, and we might just have to wait for a new content.

Number of the total amount of streamers, on the other hand, is not that impressive.

On the first day it didn't even reach 4,000 channels, and on the second day it had reached a little over 4,000. Over the next few days amount of broadcasts has decreased drastically, and eventually all that's left were either the "diehard" fans of the series or the FPS genre.

Critical reception also had some positive effect on the popularity of the game. Almost all the best gaming journalists have rated the game very highly. Some of them even said that the game is perfect  and gave it the highest rating possible. Of course, after such praise from critics a lot of players have decided to check out the game and watch some streams.

Summing up, it's safe to say that the newest game in the DOOM series turned out to be quite a success in both departments - popularity and quality. It's definitely a rare pleasure to see critics and players being on the same page.

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