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A new victory for mobile esports at Free Fire World Series 2019 Rio

A new victory for mobile esports at Free Fire World Series 2019 Rio

Mobile esports has managed to surprise the whole world once again. This time the Free Fire competition got incredible figures. Moreover, these were obtained thanks to Western viewers, but how could this happen? We've tried to figure out the reasons behind this record.

But first let's talk about the tournament itself. The first round of the Free Fire World Series 2019 Rio has exceeded a record mark of 2 million peak viewers, becoming #1 in the world of mobile esports. What's even more interesting is that the next two peak viewers indicators in the ranking were also attributed to Garena's battle royale; with Free Fire Pro League Brazil holding the 2nd spot, followed by the Free Fire World Cup 2019.

Our blog has already covered the discipline's popularity across South America in this article. It can be summarized that the Brazilian audience is Free Fire's largest. The level of interest it displays towards the broadcasts eclipses even that of the Asian fans – who are usually the main viewers of the mobile gaming.

We should add that the average viewers is also a mobile gaming industry record. The World Championship's respective indicator is that of 1 million 231 thousand viewers. Not every esports discipline can boast of such successes.

Considering all the indicators, this leads to almost 50% of a difference with the spring Free Fire World Cup. One of the main reasons for such a success is the right choice of a venue. Due to the fact that the tournament was held in Rio de Janeiro, one of the largest audiences of the game has received ideal viewing conditions.

Only 12 teams have completed at the Free Fire World Series 2019 Rio. The majority of spots went to the regions marked by larger popularity of the shooter: Latin America and Southeast Asia. At the same time, only one spot was allocated to Europe and the CIS. It was played at the Free Fire Eurasia Cup 2019 and went to a Russian team – Sbornaya ChR.

Thanks to this (as well as to the well-composed schedule of the event) the Russian broadcast of the championship has gathered a decent number of viewers. The stream has gathered 64 thousand peak viewers and 40 thousand average viewers. As of now, we can safely call the event one of the most popular mobile esports championships among the CIS-based fans.

“We are encouraged that the Russian broadcast for the Free Fire World Series 2019 finals saw close to 1.2 million cumulative online views on YouTube to date. It was a finals to remember, particularly with the strong showing by Team Sbornaya ChR, who was leading the World Series all the way till the final round,” said Harold Teo, Free Fire producer at Garena.

The success of Free Fire World Series 2019 Rio has happened also due to one more reason. The developer had special goals for broadcast numbers. Upon reaching a certain mark, fans of the game received in-game prizes. This encouraged fans of Free Fire to go to the official broadcasts of the event, but even after reaching the desired result, the audience continued to watch the tournament.

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