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How The Game Awards 2019 has shown itself?

How The Game Awards 2019 has shown itself?

The Game Awards was the last major gaming world event of 2019. Traditionally, in addition to the statuettes, the announcements of major games have also taken place at the event, and we will tell you how the audience has reacted to this.

But first, about the three hottest topics (in our opinion) among those announced at this event.

The head of Xbox Game Studios, Phil Spencer, has shown the design of the new generation of the Microsoft's console. The unusual form of the console immediately became a reason for jokes and memes, as a result of which the next day the entire Internet was full of images demonstrating various interesting applications of Series X.

The guys from Riot Games did not want to stop on the recent stream for LoL's 10-years anniversary. At The Game Awards, the company introduced two more new games set in the universe of the popular MOBA. A platformer from Double Stallion Games with Ekko as the protagonist and a tactical RPG from the creators of Darksiders Genesis will be released through the Riot Forge.

The creators of Dishonored and Prey have founded their own studio and presented their new game at the award ceremony – Weird West. From the title and trailer, it’s clear that the story of the Wild West that awaits us will be far from typical.

But what about the audience's achievements at the ceremony? The overall indicators of The Game Awards can be called a success. It has gathered 1 million 827 thousand peak viewers. The average viewers have reached the mark of 1 million 298 thousand. For 4.6 hours of airtime the broadcasts have received almost 6 million hours watched.

When compared to the competitors, the results are quite positive. When the event is contrasted with the main exhibition of the video game industry, E3, its results become much better. The difference between the two amounts to 381 thousand peak viewers and 784 thousand average viewers in favor of The Game Awards.

The peak audience was detected in the middle of the broadcast. The result was obtained at the time of a muppet show and a presentation from CD Project RED, the developers of the legendary The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077. Within its bounds, the studio talked about the artists who had a hand in the soundtrack of their new game.

When it comes to the viewer interest, the major part of achievements was obtained on the English-language broadcast. This stream has collected 77% of the total hours watched. Streams in Spanish and Portuguese were at approximately same level in terms of this indicator.

This is the result of the event's schedule, because the beginning of The Game Awards was scheduled for Thursday at 02:30 CET. As it can be understood, for the Old World-based viewers such news were not the most pleasant. Most have failed to watch the broadcast for at least this one reason. On the other hand, it has also helped to ramp up the indicators of the English-language stream, as the schedule was more than suitable for the American viewers.

However, some hardcore European viewers still did not miss the opportunity to watch the broadcast and become one of the first to learn about the industry's new products. Russian-language streams have a result of 82 thousand hours watched. The French have earned 68 thousand for the same indicator.

As a result, The Game Awards was a truly successful event. Helping with this were some major announcements, the rumors about which have circulated on the eve of the event, adding some real hype.

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