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Half-Life: Alyx. The first week on Twitch

Half-Life: Alyx. The first week on Twitch

While the whole world was waiting and wondering about Half-Life 3, Valve has gone another way and launched Half Life: Alyx a week ago. It is the first game in the series after the release of Half-Life 2: Episode Two in 2007, which was 12 years ago.

Half Life: Alyx is the prequel of Half-Life 2 and the protagonist is not Gordon Freeman as it was expected. The story takes place 5 years before the awakening of Freeman from stasis, so we will play for Alyx Vance, the second most important hero in HL2. Together with her father Eli Vance she continues to fight against the Alliance and continues to search for Gordon.

Spoiler alert, the end of the game clearly hints us about the new part of the series, so we'll live in hope that Valve will fulfill the fans' main wish - to present the final part of the trilogy.

It's a pity, that Half Life: Alyx is not affordable for everyone, because it is developed in the VR technology and an additional VR headset is a little pricey to purchase. One way or another, it is worth thinking about it, as the critics were praising the game for its detailed world and game interactions.

Anyways, such long anticipation and VR-exclusivity s caused a lot of excitement among the Twitch audience.

During the week the total number of Hours Watched reached the mark of 4,1M, and the Viewers Peak was 303K.

As for the language categories, the English-speaking audience prevails as always - 62,3% of viewers from overall amount. Russian-speaking audience is behind them - 15,1%. The third place is held by Korean-speaking viewers - 4,6%.

Let's move on to the TOP-5 streamers in this category. In the first place is LIRIK, an absolute leader in 3 viewing categories. The total number of hours watched of his stream is 620K hours, and the peak viewers was 64K spectators. On average, 38K viewers were watching his stream. His airtime is a standard for Half Life: Alyx  - 15 hours.

The second place by the Hours Watched is held by the American streamer CohhCarnage is 313K hours, during the weekend he gained a lot of views. The mark of average viewers on his broadcast is 15K spectators.

American Streamer and YouTuber xQcOW occupies the 3rd place. By the way xQcOW surpasses the second place n our top in terms of viewership peak and average viewers on the broadcast - 35 and 24 thousand viewers respectively.

The fourth position is occupied by the Russian channel WELOVEGAMES. The total number Hours Watched of his broadcast is 215K hours. The stream was watched by 28 thousand viewers at its peak, which is about 18% more than at CohhCarnage's stream.

MOONMOON closes our TOP-5. The Hours Watched of of his broadcast is 194K hours and 19K viewers were watching the stream on its peak. The average number of viewers on the broadcast is 14K.

The total viewers peak was reached on the game launch day, i.e on March 23, and it was 303K spectators. On the second day the peak mark was decreased by 62% and concluded 114,376 spectators. On the third day after the launch (March 25) the peak was decreased by 44% again - 63 thousand viewers on the broadcast.

As we can see from the chart, every day the game was watched less and less and on the 6th day after the launch (March 28) the game at its peak was watched by only 19,315 spectators.

Such dynamics is expected, including the fact that the average walkthrough takes 15 hours and most popular streamers have already finished the Alyx.

Also Half-Life: Alyx took second place in the Steam sales chart from March 23 to 29. By the way, Alyx has helped the new Half-Life 2 record: Yesterday 6,882 users simultaneously played in HL2 via Steam.

The question remains, is Alyx worth to be purchased even if there's only 15 hours of gameplay and other AAA VR games aren't announced? It's up to you to decide.

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