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HomeStory Cup: The Big Anniversary

HomeStory Cup: The Big Anniversary

Not every tournament can brag of having both the long history and a 20-event anniversary. We can proudly call HomeStory Cup to be one of such competitions. Although its 20th appearance did not go without problems, all in all it even helped to improve the results.

But first, a little digression into history. The article's subject is more of a “home” tournament. All players are in the same house and fight among themselves for the prize fund. Summit events also have a similar occurrence, but the organizers of the HomeStory Cup were the first to start working in this direction.

For its 20th tournament, the company has decided to hold a competition in Vegas. However, at nearly the last moment there were problems with the venue, and so they had to look for a new one. As a result, their choice fell on the "European tropics" – namely on the Tropical Islands park.

Interesting events of the competition have made it even more exciting. The original prize pool of 25 thousand dollars was doubled by the founder of Shopify, Tobias Litke. In his Twitter account, Tobias said he loves StarCraft and esports and therefore will increase the prize pool of the 20th tournament of the series.

Making the broadcasts more attractive were the special guests of the championship. Among them were the legends of the western scene such as White-Ra. Michael Morheim, co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment, has also congratulated the event. He attended the contest, while treating all viewers and participants to pizza.

But what about the tournament's performance? The event has reached 46 thousand peak viewers. The average viewers indicator has reached 25 thousand. The hours watched have amounted to 1 million 491 thousand hours.

Compared to the HomeStory Cup XIX, the situation is more than pleasant. The peak viewers indicator grew by 6 thousand people. The average viewers indicator had the same kind of increase. At the same time, the results are still inferior to those of the series' 18th competition.

When comparing this to the tournament before last, we have a decrease of 22 thousand peak viewers and 6 thousand average viewers. But in other cases, only positive results can be observed.

The top spot of the average viewers-based player popularity ranking features the champion – Serral. His result has amounted to 38 thousand. Following him is Reynor with his 37 thousand. Closing the top 3 is INnoVation with a total of 36 thousand.

Despite the lack of series-wide records for its indicators, the 20th HomeStory Cup was certainly memorable to the strategy's fans for all of its incredible moments. This, in our opinion, is also a record in its own right.

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