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Homestory Cup: One of the best results of WarCraft 3

Homestory Cup: One of the best results of WarCraft 3

The esports life of WarCraft 3 is not known to have that many causes for celebration. However, the recent StayAtHomestory Cup has brought the game one of the best peak viewers results. More about this in our today's article.

We should remind you that the competition was organized by TaKeTV – a studio which specializes in small show tournaments. We've already talked about one of the events of this company, but at that time it was dedicated to StarCraft 2.

As we've already mentioned, the result worth of 20 thousand peak viewers is one of the best in the discipline. The average viewers indicator (which has amounted to 10 thousand) is also in the discipline's top 5 – but already one spot higher than the peak viewers one.

It should be noted that the peak viewers mark was not obtained at the championship's final match. Instead, it was the match between VortiX and DeMusliM, taking place in the third round of the loser grid. Somewhat amusingly, both of these pro players have returned to WC3 from StarCraft 2.

The distribution of races at the event was quite interesting. At first, the organizers have planned to create a list of participants with three representatives of each race – however, they couldn't follow through with this idea because of the problems with ToD. As a result, starting from the initial stage the balance has shifted in favor of the Undead.

After the qualifiers the number of representatives of this race has further exceeded all expectations. Still, quantity does not equal quality – as only two players of this race have managed to reach the playoffs. This shows that Europe has quite few truly powerful representatives of this race.

Curiously, at StayAtHomestory Cup the Night Elves were represented by a trinity of players from the CIS. Moreover, seven out of sixteen players hailed from either Ukraine or Russia. However, out of the whole CIS delegation, only Happy was able to reach the semi-finals. Eventually, he has reached the first spot, defeating the Orc player under the nickname Spiral in the final match.

Interestingly enough, DeMusliM became the most popular player of the championship. Being a pro-gamer of SC2 in the past, nowadays he is a popular English-language commentator. It could well be that his fanbase was the main reason for such a large number of viewers at the matches of the event.

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