COVID-19 impact
on esports and streaming
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월간리프트 , 코로나바이러스감염증19(COVID-19)

How has the esports audience changed with the quarantine?

How has the esports audience changed with the quarantine?

Today we’ll discuss how the esports audience has changed with the start of quarantine. Moreover, has the streaming experienced the viewers' growth? 

All stats are taken from the IDC х Esports Charts joint report.

Based on our data, we could determine the approximate portrait of today’s esports audience.

Firstly, 72% of all interviewed men are esports fans. But, only 28% of all woman respondents are interested in esports. We can assume that esports is not so popular among women, though women concluded 52% of all interviewed people, who play computer games.

The mean age of esports fans is 32, and 68% of players prefer casual games.

The interest in esports has undeniably grown for 5 years. 30% of respondents have answered affirmatively on the question: “Have you participated in, attended, or watched an esports tournament in the past year?”. This means that 53 million people in the US in Q3 of 2019 are esports fans.

Esports and streaming audiences have significantly grown since the start of the quarantine. Because of the lockdown, people preferred at-home activities.

That’s why, Twitch's Hours Watched has grown 2x compared to December, when the pandemic hasn’t started yet.

So, top-15 games have experienced significant growth both by Hours Watched and Average Viewers on the broadcasts.

Since early December, the increase of Average Viewers concluded 89% and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Escape From Tarkov and Grand Theft Auto V experienced the biggest growth among games. (They've grown 2,8x times)

Organizers canceled or changed the format of the tournaments to online because there was no opportunity to host LAN-events. This also made some positive impact on dynamics, and the Hours Watched of top-15 esports tournaments have grown by 114%.

More detailed analysis of the tournaments, the growth of hours watched and streamers by language categories, and the statistics of streaming audience you can find in our full joint report with IDC.

Read the terms of receipt of our free IDC x Esports Charts joint report in our article.

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