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LEC vs LCS: The main battle of summer split

LEC vs LCS: The main battle of summer split

The debates between fans from Europe and North America seem to be never-ending, so why not update on this clash with a new topic? Because of this, we decided to summarize the two main leagues together by comparing them with each other. Today we’ll talk about LEC and LCS.

If you missed this, know that recently we have already demonstrated the results of the teams of these two leagues in the regular stage. That time each championship got its own hero. For checking the article in more detail, click on the link.

The most popular LEC match was the final one, being followed by 841 thousand peak viewers at once. At the same time, the final match of the LCS summer split at the peak was watched by 494 thousand peak viewers – which is by an order of magnitude less. These results have set records for both competitions, and for all the other regional competitions.

It is worth noting that, unlike its counterpart, LoL Championship Series has worsened the result of the spring split. In the spring, the championship has hit the mark of 599 thousand peak viewers. This means that the difference was 105 thousand viewers. In percentage terms, the decrease of this indicator reaches 17.5%.

The result of the European Championship is quite staggering. In general, this figure was achieved due to the large hype around the battles between Fnatic and G2. Both teams have tremendous achievements on the world stage. As a result, each meeting between the two became incredibly popular: in fact all four matches between them got in the top 5 of the summer split.

Based on average viewers, everything is not in favor of the North American event as well. LEC matches were watched by 170 thousand average viewers. On the other hand, the respective result of LCS has reached only 158 thousand average viewers. The difference between the competitions is a little over 12 thousand.

If we compare the events with the previous season, then the European tournament shows a decrease of the audience's interest: the difference between summer and spring splits reaches 31 thousand viewers. The same comparison shows even greater decrease for LCS: 37 thousand viewers.

To conclude, we will tell you about the most popular teams of the championships. This time, these will include the playoff stage – which without doubt greatly affects the overall picture. We will consider only the indicator of the average viewers per match.

In North America, Team SoloMid became the most popular team of the summer. The silver of this top went to Team Liquid. The guys from Cloud9 completed the first three.

As for the Europe, the representatives of Fnatic got to the top spot. The guys from G2 Esports were the second in the ranking. The bronze medal in terms of popularity went to Origen.

On the whole, the summer split was definitely dominated by LoL European Championship. Yes, the regular stage of this event has gathered less than during its debut this spring, but such indicators still allow to call it the most popular of the major Western leagues.

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