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LoL All-Stars: A conclusion of the year gone wrong

LoL All-Stars: A conclusion of the year gone wrong

While the League of Legends has entered off-season, game's developers held a show tournament among the most popular players of the discipline. How did the last event of the 2019 show itself? We will answer this in the current article.

In general, the results of All-Star Las Vegas 2019 are not the most positive. Unlike other international competitions this year, the "tournament of the stars" had worse performance than the last year's competition. This, of course, does not include Chinese platforms.

The peak viewers mark of this season's championship was equal to 304 thousand people. The losses of this indicator when compared to the last tournament have amounted to as much as 46%. Today it is the worst of the results since 2016. But the negative results of the event did not end there.

The average viewers indicator was also the lowest over the past few years, amounting to 203 thousand people. This is 5% less than at the 2016 event. At the same time, compared to the previous championship of the series, the result has deteriorated by 37%.

When looking at the languages, only the Korean-language broadcast has shown a positive difference. The Portuguese stream has suffered the most when it comes to the peak viewers losses. In a single season, the decrease has reached 120 thousand viewers. In terms of the average viewers, the largest decrease can be attributed to the English-language broadcast, amounting to 62 thousand.

The platforms were also affected: in 2019, the results shown by the world's main platforms changed as well. For example, YouTube’s contribution to the total number of hours watched fell by 2% compared to last year. The seasonal difference for Twitch has amounted to 2.5%. On the other hand, AfreecaTV gained 5%. As it can be seen, the ones to blame for this are the viewers from South Korea – the only ones to obtain a positive result this time around.

Overall, this event failed due to repeating the last year's format. Although it brought the new records for the series at the time, the second time-repeat simply became yet another reason to ignore the broadcast – for why keep an eye on an event that does not strive to come up with anything new?

Note that the broadcast performance immediately deteriorated in response to any appearance of TeamFight Tactics mode matches. Over the three days, there was only one occurrence to attract even fewer viewers - a 1v1 match between Mikyx and TheShy.

At the same time, since the tournament was held in the western part of the USA, adjusting the schedule for the European audience was not plausible. As a result of this, a significant part of the European audience could not watch the broadcast. If the championship was held in a more favorable part of the planet, the situation could have turned out differently.

As a result, we have an extremely sad-looking end of the season. In stark contrast to discipline's victories at MSI 2019 and LoL Worlds 2019, the results of All-Star Las Vegas 2019 are quite disappointing.

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