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LoL: A nearly record-setting marathon

LoL: A nearly record-setting marathon

The coronavirus pandemic has caused the cancelation of the Mid-Season Invitational. However, Riot Games did not leave their fans without the between-season matches, holding Mid-Season Streamathon 2020. In our report, we will tell you how the event has shown itself.

The Mid-Season Cup itself was held as part of the 2020 Mid-Season Streamathon with the participation of the top teams from China and Korea. This event was held in order to raise donations for international funds that help fighting coronavirus. All the regions were able to take part in the marathon, which had a total span of three days.

First, let's talk about the contents of the Mid-Season Streamathon 2020. Afterwards, we will focus on the Mid-Season Cup in more detail and compare its results with the past championships of a similar kind.

Overall, the Riot Games marathon has featured the events for America, Europe and Asia. Naturally, the championship featuring the LCK and LPL teams became the most popular one. The Oceania-related matches have attracted the least viewer interest.

It should be noted that, the Mid-Season Cup aside, there was yet another quite successful event: Mid-Season Showdown 2020. This particular competition has featured the best teams of PCS and VCS. In the end, the latter became the reason why the competition has received such high indicators. In fact, Vietnamese esports is currently in its phase of growth, showing an ever-increasing quality of results shown by both the teams and the audience from year to year.

The viewability results of the championship are extremely interesting. The competition has managed to get 591 thousand peak viewers on its first day, during the match between the strongest LCK and LPL teams. The tournament was watched by 286 thousand average viewers.

The three most popular matches have all featured the guys from T1. The appearance of each of these cases is quite logical. The T1 vs TES match became the competition's hottest topic, given that both teams are their regions' strongest. The match versus DWG was the classic battle between Korean teams. Finally, the battle of Faker and the team against FPX was the face-off everyone has awaited since LoL Worlds 2019.

The Korean viewers were the central audience of the championship. English-language stream became the second most popular one, while the Spanish-language one was closing the top 3. In our recent news, we have mentioned that the Western fans are becoming increasingly interested in the Asian region and China in particular. This can be seen by comparing the tournament with the last encounter between LCK and LPL, Rift Rivals.

The popularity of League of Legends is growing by the year. Still, for this discipline, the influx of viewers at the end of 2019 was particularly large. This is why the increase in the average viewers (as compared to the Rift Rivals 2019) has amounted to hefty 47%.

The guys from T1 continue to impress us. The legend of LoL, Faker, is once again proving the power of himself and his team both at the fields of justice and in the popularity among the viewers. Overall, Korean players have turned out to be the dominant side at the Mid-Season Cup. Out of the five teams represented, three represent LCK. The first two teams (T1 and DAMWON Gaming) are quite ahead of the other three.

The recently concluding Mid-Season Streamathon 2020 has brought new achievements to the game, becoming the most popular event of March. Additionally, because of it, the break between the splits was filled (if even for a few days) by a decent number of interesting matches.

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