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What should the LoL fan follow in the ninth season?

What should the LoL fan follow in the ninth season?

The ninth season of the competitive scene of the League of Legends is already in full swing in many parts of the world. Hailing from numerous corners of planet, almost all regions have already entered the battle. Soon enough, on these battlefields they will be joined by those very last leagues still out of work.

Among such diversity, we decided to highlight those points which are recommended to follow. In the first part of the article, we selected the championships, which will be the most likable to the western audience. The next part will see the same provided for Eastern and CIS-based gamers.


Following its American counterpart, this year Europe is switching to a franchise system. First, the organizers selected teams in order to purchase league spots, and then announced its fundamental changes. According to the announced information, now the regional competition in Europe is called the League of Legends European Championship. In turn, North America is now simply called LCS, without the NA prefix.

Along with a new name, the championship got hold of some interesting faces. Legends of the past, in the face of SK Gaming and Origen, have returned to the battle. The former received help from their investors and left ESforce. The latter became part of RFRSH Entertainment, owner of the Blast Pro Series and Astralis, which funded the purchase. At the same time, newcomers from Excel Esports and Rogue added to the list of participants.

Needless to say, the beginning of LEC spring split is already breaking records. We talked about it on our twitter. If you missed this post, it is available through this link. We are trying to say that such a strong change in the league has benefited it – which is why, even at an early stage, the European Championship surpasses its predecessor.

Turkey is finally ready to fight?

Over the past couple of years, Turkey has gained popularity. They say that this also affected the financial status of the league, which has now reached the level of world's top championships. It got to the point that the region's main team was joined by the world champion and former player of SK Telecom Team 1's “golden line-up” - Lee “Wolf” Jae-Wan. Now Jae-Wan represents SuperMassive eSports. We recommend following this team and its updated botlane.

We can't avoid bringing up the fact that lately the Turkish league fails to shine the way Vietnamese one did a couple of years ago. We believe that such an addition to the SUP roster will benefit not only the team itself, but also the region as a whole. Increased competitiveness will positively affect the overall level of the championship game. As a result, we will get a stronger representative of TCL at the future World Championship and another dangerous opponent for planet's top teams.

Life's just not the same without Korea

The world always showed a special interest towards Korea. Here we are not even talking about the many years of its domination at Worlds. Players of this country are constantly trying to discover new ways to win within the game. As a result of this motivation, the rest of players are mostly engaged in trying to keep up with their Eastern friends, starting to use Korean tricks as quickly as possible.

However, in 2018 at the World Championship, this region showed the worst result since its inception. For the first time in a while, the IG from the Chinese LPL became the world's strongest team In turn, the teams from League Champions Korea did not go beyond the quarter-finals, although many have predicted yet another Korean final.

But this is not a reason to look down on region's overall gaming level. On the contrary, the thirst for results to be achieved in the ninth season will make Korea an incredibly dangerous opponent for any participant of international events. Because of this, we advise you to keep your eyes on League Champions Korea and watch live this rebirth of a phoenix.

There was enough space for only one LCS

In the upcoming season, the North American region will be a separate (and the only) part of the League of Legends Championship Series. This happened due to Europe's transition to the franchise system, which caused changes to both the brand and the competition itself as a whole. But this is not the main point.

At 2018 World Championship, for the first time in a while, teams from this corner of the planet were able to display a decent result. Before, a variety of jokes used to circulate the community, like “NA will become a WildCard region”. It seems that the LCS representatives were tired of this, which is why they finally reached the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup, where they lost to their European friends.

We think that in 2019 the situation may change and the NA will finally show its strength. For the most part it will become possible thanks to new import players. These, in turn, will increase the competitiveness within the championship, so that the overall level of Championship Series will reach a new height, one that would outmatch the state of things from the previous year.

However, the situation may turn out completely different. A not-so-good performance of the rest of the delegation at Worlds may trigger the league's stagnation, causing the main competition of the year to end with a huge failure.

LPL and franchise, the real franchise

China was never short on providing reasons to be admired. This time we will tell you about the Middle Kingdom's system of franchises. It was this region that was able to implement a real sport franchise format.

Back in 2018, the competition shifted to the franchise, but adding an interesting feature along with it. Some teams received their own "stadiums". On these, according to the format, home matches were held. One example would be the legend of the Chinese scene - Royal Never Give Up.

RNG has outfitted a small arena for its fans. In-between games, the audience is entertained by its own showman. In general, the competition of this kind is reminiscent of a traditional sport, in which participants refrain from using the same organizer-provided area over and over, for each and every match of the championship.

If, by rare chance, you missed this news, then the LPL broadcasts will be a pleasant surprise for you. Interested in the house of "kings"? On this page you can find out about their esports homeland. Personally, we appreciated Team WE's overall theme, drawing from the impregnable Great Wall of China.

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