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LoL Spring 2020: A new record

LoL Spring 2020: A new record

LoL esports system enables the existence of a large number of leagues – which, in turn, generate impressive amounts of exciting content. In today's news we will gather the results of the spring split and talk about the results of all regional championships.

The coronavirus pandemic became a big problem for the League of Legends-related esports events of this year. It has caused many leagues to pause their schedule and even led to the cancellation of the spectacular arena-based finals. However, the general impact wasn't equally negative (or positive) for everyone.

LCK was left without the Summoner's Cup, but kept its viewers

This spring we've seen LCK setting a new record in the history of the regional League of Legends competitions. Both the final match and the event havecollected the biggest statistical numbers. But even this didn’t allow the championship to become the first in the ranking by  peak viewers, average viewers, most popular matches of the split, and much more.

Its main local rival, China, was much worse off. This spring, LPL had the most viewers in the region's history. However, this was not quite enough for reaching the top 3 of the league popularity ranking – even given the phenomenal victories of the China's representatives (IG and FPX) in the last two World Championships.

The European tournament has strayed not too far from South Korea. This spring has signified a major breakthrough for the LEC. Despite the championship's inability to update its records, it remained a mere step away from reaching its goal. Additionally, the situation regarding the rivalry between G2 and Fnatic has also changed, but more on that later.

LEC became the main tournament for the western audience

It should be noted that if we concentrate our attention at the Western audience, the state of affairs for both LEC and LCS is much better. The English-language broadcast of the European Championship has reached a 44% higher peak viewers mark than the Korean tournament. This means that the main reason of the new LCK record is local viewers.

In this case the Chinese tournament has managed to reach the level of LCK, with the two Asian leagues having peak viewers difference of only a couple thousand of people. Meanwhile, the overall peak viewers result of Korea exceeds LPL by several times. Both the Europe and South Korea arestanding out among the rest of the world's regions. North America is another region that's quite close to their level of success by the average broadcast viewers of LCS.

The viewership results of one of the main competitions of the world, PCS, are quite disappointing. This year it has united a number of regions under its umbrella: Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macau. On the one hand, it has rejuvenated the tournament – but on the other hand, the visibility has suffered quite a bit as a result.

T1 – the stars of the spring split

Looking at the top of the most popular matches of this season's first split shows us a particularly interesting situation – with four out of five top matches going to the Korean regional tournament. Moreover, this was caused by the T1 team – which set the new viewership records for the second year in a row.

Talking about Faker and the company, it may be worth it to compare the overall worldwide results. T1 has become the most popular team of the spring with its 358 thousand average viewers. As for their failure in the semifinals of LoL Worlds, it seems to only fuel the community's interest to their matches (especially the regional tournament ones).

G2 Esports became the second best team of the spring. On the regional level, the “samurai” have finally managed to overcome their main local rival, Fnatic, by average viewers. This has caused G2 to become the most popular team of the west.

Recall that these two teams were the main rivals on LoL Worlds 2019.The match between SK Telecom T1 and G2 at the LoL Worlds 2019 semifinals has collected a phenomenal mark of almost 4 million peak viewers. Looking at the spring results, it makes us wonder what this year's World Championship will keep in store for us.

Team SoloMid became the only LCS representative in the top 10. The American team has been slightly ahead of its nearest rival, Cloud9(with the difference of only few thousand viewers between the two). In case you are interested in this topic, we have covered the Western leagues in more detail in the recent article.

CBLOL: the most dominant among the minors

We should also take a look at the teams from outside the large regions – namely on the main participants of the Play-In stage: LCL, LLA, TCL, CBLOL, LJL and OPL.

Out of these regions, Brazil stands out the most. The viewership statistics of CBLOL Summer 2020 is far ahead of other championships of same class. Moreover, for the Brazilians the results of this season's first split have turned out to be worse at times than those of the same split in 2019.

Obviously, LCL is showing some growth compared to 2018. The main league of the CIS has received a nice increase in the average viewers categoryand a small increase in the peak viewers one. We've talked about this tournament in more detail in our blog.

As a conclusion, it should be said that this spring has turned out to be quite memorable, despite all the pandemic-induced problems. The League of Legends esports system has not only managed to deal with these problems, but also managed to show the real growth in terms of viewership statistics.

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