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LoL: The summer starts from changes

LoL: The summer starts from changes

League of Legends summer split is a hot event indeed. This year's season was marked by a shift in the league popularity ranking. But which league had the best summer start of all? Let's have a closer look.

When it comes to the League of Legends community, the summer split has always been valued more, due to the trip to the year's main tournament: the World Championship. Meanwhile, in the spring the team are only fighting for a single spot at the Mid-Season Invitational.

Based on the results of the debuting summer split, the Korean LCK became the most popular league. The championship's most popular match has attracted 672 thousand peak viewers, with 250 thousand average viewers over the first week. Meanwhile, PCS has attracted the least attention of the League of Legends' fans.

The Pacific Championship Series is facing huge problems. Once the Taiwan and Southeast Asia tournaments were combined into this particular championship, the results it shows are getting progressively worse. Moreover, these are not even close to the worst results ever shown by LMS. It seems that the battles between Taiwanese teams were much more interesting.

As for the Asian part of the professional scene, its performance over the last few years has been pleasantly surprising. This is all the more true for the LPL (China), which has set own personal record this spring. Based on the results of the first week, it seems that this summer will allow us to once again observe the magnificent rise of the Chinese championship to the top. Especially given that, just like two years earlier, the league got hold of new powerhouse - Top Esports.

Talking about these regions, VCS does stand out as well. Over the past year and a half, the Vietnamese league was characterized by rapid growth. It was caused by the game's growing popularity within the region combined with the excellent results shown by the championship's representatives at Worlds.

One can also expect new achievements from LCK. Korean fans have already earned their one million viewers at the regional league finals this spring and four million viewers at LoL Worlds 2019 semifinals. The comparison by the first week allows us to believe that the respective records would be updated further relatively soon.

The battle between LEC and LCS once again ended in favor of a European event. Yet, this time, that American championship had another topic going sour: the LoL Championship Series losing the third spot to CBLoL. And this is given the Brazilian league being a part of the ex-WildCard regions, thus having only one spot at the upcoming LoL Worlds.

To conclude, it can be said that the beginning of the 2020 summer split has turned out to be somewhat unusual. Among the most popular leagues, a new face has appeared. At the same time, the Korean League once again showed its total superiority when it comes to popularity.

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