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LoL Worlds 2020: Group Stage results

LoL Worlds 2020: Group Stage results

The Group Stage of Worlds 2020 has come to an end. The second phase of the year's main championship finished without a record, but it had its own exciting moments. Why didn't the tournament get a new achievement? Which group is the most popular?

The group stage of the League of Legends World Championship 2020 was held from October 3 to 11. Sixteen teams competed for eight places in the playoffs.

The best of the best have finally entered the battle, including the Korean titans like DAMWON, Gen.G and DRX. Before that, there was a preliminary stage of the tournament, which we've discussed in this article.

The peak mark of LoL Worlds Group Stage concluded 1 million 847 thousand viewers. This number was achieved at the match between Gen.G and LGD, representatives of LCK and LPL - the strongest League of Legends esports scenes. This figure was 10,4% less than last year's World Championship, the result of which is 2 million spectators.

The dynamic of Average Viewers was positive - 1 million 76 thousand spectators. This is 3,5% more than at LoL Worlds 2019. Turns out that the absence of T1, the main reason for almost all Worlds records, affected the tournament.

Group C gathered the biggest amount of viewers compared to others. Gen.G, Fnatic, LGD Gaming and TSM fought in it. These teams are one of the most popular in the world: Team SoloMid are the main favorites of all LCS fans. Fnatic also have a huge number of fans around the planet and are one of the oldest teams of the discipline. Gen.G are the cherry on top. They drew the interest of the Korean audience, the second after English by popularity.

English was the most popular language of the Group Stage. It concluded 36,3% of overall Hours Watched of the championship. On the other hand, the Korean broadcast contributed 26,6% to the Group Stage mark. Vietnamese became the third language of the Group Stage by popularity - 8,3%. However, there are no Vietnamese teams at the tournament.

If we talk about the peak marks of different languages, English and Korean broadcasts experienced some growth. In the case of the English-speaking stream, the peak reached 760K spectators, improving the result of Worlds 2019 by 5%. Korean broadcast concluded 655K Peak Viewers, which is 2,4% more than on last year's tournament.

Twitch stood out the most in terms of platforms. The platform contributed 51,8% to Hours Watched of LoL Worlds. The result lost 3% compared to the Play-In stage. Korean spectators can be the reason for that, as the contribution of South-Korean service AfreecaTV concluded exactly 3% to the Play-in result.

If we compare the stats with the previous year, the Hours Watched of Twitch and YouTube increased a little. Twitch's HW growth concluded 3,5%, and YouTube gained 4,2%. These platforms pushed back services like Naver and AfreecaTV.

Detailed stats of languages & platforms are available for all Esports Charts PRO subscribers on tournament page.

Gen.G became the most popular team of two stages. Their matches were attended by 1 million 332 thousand Average Viewers. Fnatic were second in the rank with 1 million 243 thousand spectators on average. Team SoloMid closed the first trio - 1 million 235 thousand people.

Guys from G2 Esports lost their popularity compared to last year. Based on the results of two stages, they took only the 10th place out of 22. Their number of Average Viewers concluded 1M 83 thousand spectators. G2 was the third most popular team at Worlds 2019, giving up only to T1 and Fnatic.

As a result, this year's group stage turned out to be at about the same level as the World Championship of the previous year. We see an unpleasant drop by Peak Viewers, but the tournament experienced a small increase by Average Viewers.

League of Legends World Championship 2020 Playoffs will be held from October 15 to 31. The opening of the final stage of the championship was entrusted to DAMWON Gaming and DRX. The match between Korean teams will be held at 12:00 CET.

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