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The popularity of LPL has grown by 118%

The popularity of LPL has grown by 118%

Often, the excellent performance of the league representatives on the international stage attracts new viewers to the region. A similar thing has happened with the main league of China – LoL Pro League. Its growth after one year has reached as much as 118%.

In this year's summer split, FunPlus Phoenix became the China's strongest team. The current Worlds winners represented by IG were selected for the main competition of the year through the regional finals. The third representative of the country in the upcoming contest was Royal Never Give Up, which earned the most ranking points.

Now let's talk about the statistics of the championship itself. Note that the results of Chinese platforms were not taken into account. However, the Chinese viewers who watched the matches on trusted services have still impacted this data.

In 2019, the peak viewers result of LPL hit the mark of 133 thousand people. Last year, this figure was smaller, equal to 61 thousand viewers. In this case, the increase has amounted to 72 thousand viewers. In percentage terms, the increase has reached 118%.

The average viewers-based result of this year equals 13 thousand. Compared to 2018, the LPL broadcast had nearly 5 thousand average viewers more. This means that the growth rate has reached 55%.

Before comparing the hours watched, note one important aspect: in 2019, the summer split broadcast has turned out to be 45 hours longer. As for the difference itself, here it is in favor of the recent competition as well. LPL Summer was able to collect 1 million 836 thousand hours more compared to its predecessor.

As you can see, Invictus Gaming’s obtainment of champion title at the 2018 World Championship has definitely paid off. The Chinese region matches began to gather more followers, at least from the fan community outside China.

But which team became the most popular one this summer? By the peak viewers result, it is quite obvious that RNG and FPX are at the top. Namely, these two teams have reached the final of the summer split.

Royal Never Give Up has reached the top spot based on the average viewers indicator – which, in its case, has reached 21 thousand viewers. The second was Invictus Gaming with its 17 thousand viewers. Closing the three was LNG Esports and its result of 16 thousand viewers.

As a result, it can be stated that this year's LPL has played its part in supporting the general trend of the League of Legends. The competition has gained even better visibility and still continues to gain momentum.

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