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Masters Tour: The results of the first season

Masters Tour: The results of the first season

In 2019, in addition to the regional leagues, Hearthstone held its classic events as well. Three major competitions were held as part of the Masters Tour series. They all played a total prize pool of $1,500,000.

One aspect of the competition is interesting. Unlike many other events of both Hearthstone and the esports industry as a whole, the money fund was divided among a large number of participants. To be more precise, in the first competition, money was divided between 286 players, in the second between 328, and in the third, the fund was divided between 288 cyberathletes total.

But before comparing the tournaments, it’s worth recalling one important aspect of the game. The third stop of the series was afflicted by the recent scandal surrounding the Blizzard boycott. It greatly influenced the results of the Masters Tour 2019 Bucharest.

The peak of the first season of the Masters Tour fell on the Korean championship, reaching the mark of 86 thousand viewers. The second on the list was the competition in Las Vegas, the indicator of which was equal to 76 thousand peak viewers. Completing the top 3 was the most recent tournament that took place in Bucharest, with its figure of 59 thousand peak viewers.

The average viewers slightly changed the order of spots occupied by the competitions. According to this indicator, the debut of the series became the most popular tournament. Masters Tour 2019 Las Vegas broadcast has gathered 48,000 average viewers. The middle of the ranking was taken by the Masters Tour Seoul. Its result amounted to 44 thousand viewers. At the last position is the Bucharest stop.

The list most popular players doesn't show any stability either. In America, Dog took the top spot. In Korea, his spot was occupied by Zhym. The last competition put Brox in the first spot of the ranking.

As it can be understood, the recent competition has become the most problematic entry in the series.This did not happen because of the organizer's mistakes or anything like that, but mostly because of “#boycottblizzard” movement. Western fans still have not forgiven the developer for its decision about Blitzchung.

This is especially evident given that the most popular match of the event was not the final battle for the champion title, but the semi-final encounter between the players from Hong Kong and France. Apparently, the audience was expecting a new provocation in the post-match interview.

The first season can be compared to the Hearthstone Championship Tour series. We should add that due to the different formats, each competitions has own advantages. At the Masters Tour, players have received a larger prize pool. At the same time, at the Hearthstone Championship Tour, the participants have received extra ranking points. In the competitive system of the last season, these have influenced the formation of the list of World Championship participants.

The summer tournament featured the biggest peak mark of HCT, gathering 75 thousand peak viewers. In case of the new series, this indicator was improved by 13%.

When comparing the average viewers, the difference between the tournaments would be within the statistical margin of error. The best result of Masters Tour is ahead of HCT by just 162 viewers.

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