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Mixer before Ninja

Mixer before Ninja

We've already talked about the rating of streamers on Twitch. Today we decided to talk about one of the competitors of the Amazon's creation – Mixer. In this article, we will talk about the results of July as well as show the status of the platform before the arrival of Ninja.

We will arrange our main top based on the principle employed in the Twitch-related news. The hours watched figure will serve as the main criterion. In addition, the article will also feature the peak viewers-based top.

First, let's talk about the hours watched. The first spot in the ranking goes to the official page of the popular music label Monstercat. Somewhat resembling a radio station, it was able to collect a total of 3.6 million hours in July. The company features a similar stream on other platforms as well, even including Twitch.

Following the musical cat on the list is his brother, both by name and business - ChilledCat. This channel also deals with music & radio, but it has collected much fewer hours - only 828 thousand. However, as can be understood from his name, it broadcasts only relaxing tracks – and therefore has a ton of rivals on other services.

Bronze went to SoloGaming87 and his Smite adventures. This streamer was able to get 492 thousand hours watched. However, he recently decided to leave the Microsoft's platform and try his hand at Twitch. Who knows how things will turn out in a new place, but it looks like we will not see this channel in the August results.

The fourth spot belongs to a channel of friends known as Jaidefinichon_GOTH, with its 393 thousand hours. The page features several people at once, engaged in their own streams – and therefore it has shown excellent result based on the hours watched and the average viewers.

Completing the top 5 is ByTabooSaucer. He did not lag far behind the preceding spot and has obtained 385 thousand hours in July. This page features Minecraft streams. In July, there was a big increase in interest in the game. We do not know who is to blame for this (hi PewDiePie), but it seems here we have the most popular channel of this game on the platform.

When looking at the peak viewers, then the top spot goes to the official Warframe channel. The second spot is taken by the comic book convention stream. Bronze goes to xFaRgAnx, a popular Hispanic blogger. The fourth spot goes to the official broadcast of the Fortnite World Cup, and closing this top 5 is the official channel of Smite.

Waiting ahead is one hot August. Ninja will crash into Mixer, bringing new viewers to the platform. We will definitely tell you how this will affect the overall situation on the service. If you do not want to miss this news, be sure to subscribe to our Twitter, Facebook or VK.

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