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The most popular teams of MSI 2019

The most popular teams of MSI 2019

Taking place in late spring, the Mid-Season Invitational was located in the middle of the 9th competitive season. We have already provided the summary of this event – but this time we decided to also tell about the achievements of individual teams participating in it.

First, we will consider the situation in terms of viewhours, and then we will compare the average viewership figures.

Quite expectedly, the champions of the competition have occupied the top spot of the first ranking. G2 have shown great performance in all their matches and therefore rightfully became the world's strongest team. However, ranked second were the European team's opponents from the semifinals – T1.

During its last match, the squad led by Faker has managed to update the Korean broadcast record, which was definitely a plus for the LEC representatives. Still, it was not possible to further improve this already good result given that the three-time world champions didn't make it to the finals.

The guys from IG have surprised us. The current winners of the World Championship have not only failed to prove their strength, but have also suffered a sizable loss to other regions judging by the amount of viewhours. The situation has reached the point of "black and white" losing to the VCS team, which could only dream of such a turn of events before.

Speaking of Vietnam, Phong Vũ Buffalo (now renamed to Dashing Buffalo) was able to reach the fourth spot. The home turf and a good result shown in the preliminary stage have worked greatly towards increasing the team's popularity. As a result, we have a representative of the former WildCard region now being at the same level as the main regions of the discipline.

We have some nice things to say about Vega. The Russians have managed to earn a good name for themselves, having good popularity figures in spite of the failure in the preliminary stage. In the future, the players who are now representing UoL have a chance to improve this result and push the big-name esports teams out of their top spots.

What about the average numbers of match viewers?

In this version of the ranking, there is a minor change to the situation. All the participants that have completed their preliminary stage performance have nearly identical results. At the same time, the top spots have changed slightly.

The first spot is now occupied by the three-time world champions, T1. Following them are G2 and IG. More surprising is the respective figure of the second MSI finalist, which follows Invictus Gaming with a gap of 60 thousand viewers, being just a little ahead of the Flash Wolves that is closing the top 5 most popular teams.

Surprisingly, the main regions of League of Legends are taking the lead by the average number of viewers. In contrast to the viewhours data, here the former representatives of WildCard are lagging behind their “older brothers.”

To conclude, we can say that the result displayed by the each team varies depending on the figure used. While the second-tier championships still show some hope based on viewhours, they significantly lose to the main regions in terms of the average viewership.

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