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The most popular Twitch Rivals tournaments in 2019

The most popular Twitch Rivals tournaments in 2019

Twitch Rivals has always brought a lot of interesting content from the viewer perspective. We will talk about its most popular events in today's results of the year for this tournament series.

As a tournament series, Twitch Rivals is certainly of a great help to the platform. The competitive element allows to invite a diverse range of streamers – including the not-so-popular ones as well. These often gain a popularity boost after the championship – which results in the further competition between the channels, much to the benefit of the viewers.

We will consider only two rankings: the peak viewers one and the hours watched one. We should also remind you that the data used includes the results of not only the official broadcast, but also of the respective broadcasts of the championship participants.

In 2019, the Apex Legends tournament showed the highest peak viewers mark: this battle royale has gathered a total of 569 thousand peak viewers. This can be explained by the all-time high amount of hype around the game during the duration of the championship.

However, the ranking features yet another entry for this shooter: the fourth spot went to the TwitchCon-based Apex Legends championship. At that time the organizers have brought the winners of the qualifier stage to the LAN finals in Amsterdam.

The second spot in terms of the peak viewers indicator went to the TeamFight Tactics championship, which has gathered 299 thousand viewers total. The hype around this autobattler has played the required role while the Twitch Rivals series has arrived just in time to gather the most popular streamers of the genre in a single event with a large prize pool.

The spot in the middle of our list is taken by the TwitchCon-based Fortnite championship which has gathered 214 thousand peak viewers. At the same time, the creation of Epic Games had yet another championship dedicated to it. Fortnite Showdown had no grand LAN-finals or any such activities, but it still managed to gather 193 thousand peak viewers.

When looking at the hours watched ranking, the situation changes, as the top now features two League of Legends competitions due to their impressive airtime.

The third spot features a LoL Showdown with a result of 2 million 743 thousand hours. This tournament has contained a number of matches featuring a wild variety of rosters – which is certainly one of its strengths.

Following it is a team-based tournament, LoL Team Draft, where the team captains have selected the roster from the available list of streamers and players. As a result, the tournament's format ended up being quite lengthy, yielding a total of 1 million 446 thousand hours.

It should be noted that the top spot features a broadcast with the airtime of merely 10 hours and yet the highest hours watched indicator of them all. This implies that the airtime is not always the decisive factor in terms of the ranking placement.

To conclude, we should mention that the majority of tournaments took place during the summertime. Instead of being limited to several titles, a large number of esports disciplines was encompassed – including the championships for the popular titles (like Dota 2 or LoL) as well as for the less popular ones (like Mortal Kombat).

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