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The most popular Twitch streamers of 2019

The most popular Twitch streamers of 2019

The audience saw a lot of interesting content in 2019, produced by the ordinary streamers and the larger esports studios and publishers alike. In today's summary we will tell you which of these sides has dominated Twitch over the course of the year.

The top 10 is opened by NICKMERCS, a Fortnite streamer. For the member of FaZe clan, this was clearly not the best year – judging by the 2% loss in the hours watched. Fortnite's own popularity was on the decrease as well, so the owner of the 10th spot fell short of 9th one by a little more than one million hours.

The 9th spot is occupied by Lirik, a streamer that's passionate towards a wide variety of games. But this diversity has produced a negative effect, with Link's channel losing 10% of its indicator as compared with 2018. It may be that this streamer was affected by occasional poor choice of games played.

Even larger loss (worth 24%) was on part of Sodapoppin, who has occupied the 8th spot in the Twitch streamer popularity ranking. In this case, this is a result of his channel being boosted by the hype surrounding World of Warcraft Classic. As this streamer is a big fan of this particular MMORPG, he has been covering it extensively, attracting a sizable portion of the audience.

When it comes to the airtime, gAuLeS has surprised everyone with his result of 8,356 hours of broadcasting in 2019. Of course, part of this figure is derived from the repeats. The efforts of this streamer were largely dedicated to the coverage of CS:GO esports events for the Brazilian fans. This has allowed him to yield 48 million hours watched – which translates to 223% worth boost of his previous result and the 7th spot in the popularity top.

Following him is Ninja – the very user whose departure sparked a fierce competition between the platforms over keeping their streamers. Arguably, he would be located higher in our list if not for his decision to switch to Mixer. Still, for whatever time he was still using Twitch in 2019 has accumulated 1,303 hours of airtime and 50 million hours watched total. This is, of course, incomparable to 2018 – the year when Ninja has managed to set all possible records of the platform, as well as accumulated 239 million hours watched.

The year 2019 was marked with more Mixer transitions than just Ninja. He was soon joined by Shroud – and this means that both of them have lost a significant part of their hours watched (at least in theory). In particular, this was also why Ninja was unable to get into the top 5.

Asmongold took the fifth spot, despite staying in the shadow for the majority of 2019. His channel had a real breakthrough only near the end of August due to the release of the classic version of World of Warcraft. Afterwards, he was holding the top spot for two months in a row, but eventually lost it just as the hype surrounding the game has decreased.

The next spot in the ranking is occupied by the former Overwatch cyberathlete, xQc – who has accumulated 3,384 hours of broadcasting in 2019, being second only to gAuLeS in this regard. Felix has also produced some of the most diverse content, and more – he was even on the Tyler1 Championship Series broadcast. It was largely this diversity that helped xQc to increase his hours watched indicator by 10%, therefore reaching a high enough ranking spot.

The third spot went to yet another former pro-player: Shroud. In 2019, he was engaged in streaming various popular, even hyped games – but he has assured everyone that this was merely because of the affection he felt towards these games (and not at all because of riding the hype train). In this case, the list of games was not limited to shooters alone (which is the Shroud's go-to genre) but also included other types of games (such as World of Warcraft).

Summit1G became the second most popular streamer of 2019. However, his peak viewers indicator only reaches 75 thousand, being the lowest one among the top 10.

On the other hand, the channel's content stands out quite a bit. Unlike the majority of streamers, Summit's efforts often concentrate on niche games instead of the most popular ones. What's more impressive is that he has single-handedly given the Sea of Thieves its second wind – which was even noted by the game's developers themselves.

And the first spot goes to TFue, making him the most popular streamer of 2019. He got the largest number of hours watched, and nearly the best peak viewers mark as well – 331 thousand peak viewers, which is only outscored by Ninja. The difference between the indicators of these two is only 22 thousand viewers.

TFue has managed to achieve such result largely thanks to the fact that his channel is centered around Fortnite. Despite switching to other games at times, the battle royale from Epic Games was never forgotten.

The most popular esports channels of the year

We couldn't miss the esports-related situation of the platform, as it represents a significant share of the Twitch-produced content. So far, in 2019 the largest number of the hours watched was accumulated by the /riotgames channel.

The official channel of Riot Games was involved in nearly all the major competitions for their sole game, League of Legends. In addition, the channel has provided its viewers with the ability to watch the international championships, including all the superb performances. As a result, this broadcast has shown excellent performance of its own in 2019, with LoL Worlds 2019 even setting a number of records.

The Overwatch League got the silver spot, boosted by the good event format involving a long-term, multi-phase league that generated a large number of matches and resulting airtime. In 2019, this championship also received new official broadcast languages – however, it doesn't seem like this has lowered the popularity of the main stream (given its position in the ranking).

The middle spot in the top 5 went to the ESL CS:GO channel, which is used by the organizer to conduct the English-language broadcasting of own championships. This includes IEM Katowice Major, the discipline's main tournament, doubling in 2019 as its most popular event. Additionally, /esl_csgo has featured a number of less important major tournaments located all over the globe – which means that the channel has attracted viewers in a truly worldwide range.

The fourth spot was occupied by the guys from Games Done Quick – the company primarily known for speedrunning, but also for some of the smaller esports events that take place at the company's festivals. For those less informed, it should be added that Games Done Quick conducted two tournaments in 2019 – a summer one and a winter one, collecting a total of 5.4 million dollars for charity. Meanwhile, its hours watched indicator has reached the mark of 42 million hours.

Closing the top is /dota2ruhub, which is a Russian-language channel which shows us the full force of the CIS community. RuHub Studio broadcasts a wide variety of events, including the top championships such as the EPICENTER Major. Additionally, the company had a contract with ESL and so its channel has streamed each and every ESL tournament. At the same time, this studio was also engaged with DreamHack events – but this time using the organizer's own webpage.

In the end, it can be said that the state of affairs is rather interesting: with League of Legends being the winner of the Twitch categories top, while the title of the most popular streamer was earned by a fan of Fortnite. On the other hand, the channel of Riot Games became the most popular one among all the Twitch channels.

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