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MPL PH Season 5: New record

MPL PH Season 5: New record

Mobile esports has reached a completely new level only for a couple of years, and the epicenter of the mobile gaming popularity is still in Asia.

Today we’ll talk about the results of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Season 5 in Philippines and about its new records compared to the previous seasons.

The final stage was held from 29 to 31 May and 8 teams took part in it. 

The battle between Onic PH and Sunsparks was the rematch of the last season and it has ended the same - Sunsparks beat Onic PH again and became the first team in the history of the tournament, which has won twice in a row. Their final match attracted a lot of attention and collected 349K viewers at the peak.

It should be noted that the broadcast was held only on Facebook and YouTube with 225K and 124K peak viewers respectively.

As for the languages, along with the Philippine viewers, 28K English-speaking fans were watching the streams.

Although Sunsparks took the 1st place, basing on our statistics the audience preferred ONIC Esports more, they were watched by 70K people on average and the result of Sunsparks is 61K.

And now the most interesting thing. In just one year the Mobile Legends Professional League has achieved the incredible results. Season 5 has set a new record by Hours Watched - 4,9M. Though 3 and 4 seasons had almost identical outcome - 1,4 million HW. 

The peak increased by 217% compared to Season 4. The influence of Coronavirus also played the special role in it, as many disciplines experienced an increase by viewership statistics due to the fact that all the tournaments switched to online and people were sitting at home. More about the effect of Coronavirus on streaming you can find in this article.

We’ve also compared the results of other regions and Indonesia is leading so far with the results of 51K Average Viewers, more statistics of the Indonesian region you can find in this article. Now we’re waiting for the 4th Season of MPL Myanmar, which will end in late June.

For better understanding of the current situation of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Bang we asked the opinion of Logan Shaw, MPL PH Committee.

What is the reason for your new record and such attention to the industry itself? Is this primarily because of the situation in the world and the coronavirus or the fact that mobile esports is strengthening its position and reaching the same level of usual esports events?

It’s quite difficult to say which is the main reason of the data growing up, cause we’ve also launched an interesting event related to the Live which might attract a lot of viewers. But we do believe the mobile esports is strengthening the postion day by day, especially in Philippines. It still take some day to reach the level of traditional sports, but back to 10 years ago, nobody even expect the growth of mobile gaming. We are making the history together with all MLBB fans, we will see how far we can reach.

Thanks to Logan Shaw for his answer, and we hope that we will see many interesting mobile esports events in the future, and in particular of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and one of such events will be MPL Invitational 4 Nation Cup, which will be held from June 19 to July 5.

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