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Mythic Invitational: First achievements

Mythic Invitational: First achievements

The first major championship for the computer version of Magic: The Gathering has come to an end. The competition, which is referred to as Mythic Invitational, has gathered the best MTG: Arena players and played an impressive prize pool between them. We will talk about the achievements of this event today.

Let's start with the fact that MTG has already come to our attention in the past. We’ve talked about the new peak of one of the championships for this tabletop game's physical counterpart. You can check this work on the following page.

First, we should provide the overview of Mythic Invitational 2019. On average, the matches of the competition were watched by almost 70 thousand viewers. At the same time, the official broadcasts peaked at the mark of 150 thousand viewers.

Surprisingly, the peak figure was not reached during the tournament's finals. The match between Savjz and Honey has attracted most of the attention. The second most popular match was the one with the participation of Mengucci and Kanister. As for the grand final, it did not even manage to enter the top 5 of this kind of rating.

When inspecting the situation more closely, the success of the English-language broadcast is worth noting. It was able to generate 83% out of the total number of views. For comparison, the second place based on the contribution to the overall standings is taken by the Japanese stream. Its measure of success is only equal to 2.6% of the total sum.

This further proves the high popularity of the game among the Western audience. Despite the presence of regional broadcasts, it was the English one that became central to spectating the championship.

Befitting of a young discipline, a number of familiar nicknames could be found among the participants of the event. For example, the nickname “Savjz” is quite telling. Unsurprisingly so, because this cyberathlete represents Team Liquid in many card games. He also became one of the first Artifact players.

Speaking about Valve's creation, we cannot but compare it to MTG: Arena. The first tournaments for these disciplines have achieved quite different success levels. Where the Magic: The Gathering's figures were reaching nearly 70 thousand viewers, their Artifact counterparts have stopped at the more-than-twice lower mark of 31 thousand viewers.

The peak values also took Arena's side, with Magic's peak of 150 thousand viewers versus the 82 thousand viewers of the Dota 2-based card game. And this is despite the fact that the very basis for both games was designed by Richard Garfield.

As a result, we can say that the first championship from the season announced by the developer was held at a decent level. The future holds many trials for MTG, but should it overcome all the difficulties, we will get a worthy HearthStone rival, as well as a new tier-1 discipline.

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