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NPL: The results of the first season

NPL: The results of the first season

We continue to analyze the results of the first competitive PUBG season. This time, our article will concentrate on the American League. We will summarize the results of not only the third phase, but of the entire league as well.

During the American region's final part, the representatives of Tempo Storm have scored yet another victory. For the third time, the team has become the strongest member of the NPL. Getting the closest to them were the guys from Cloud9, who subsequently abandoned the PUBG roster.

This year's competitive season of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has displayed a negative trend. Over time, the number of viewers on the broadcasts of regional leagues was decreasing. This is clearly seen against the background of PEL results. We've talked about them in this article. In general, the National PUBG League repeats this situation a little.

The third phase of the North American championship has hit the mark of almost 9 thousand peak viewers. Such a result was 72% less than that of the second phase, while the difference from the competition's debut already reaches 57.9%.

The situation is the same when it comes to the average viewers. The indicator of the third phase has amounted to 5 thousand viewers. The decrease compared to the second and first phases amounts to 55% and 43% respectively.

It is worth adding that the excellent situation with the NPL Phase 2 statistics has managed to persist only until May. After a short rest, the league returned with broadcasts on the first of June, but ended up gathering fewer viewers.

As you can understand, the problems of the game have impacted not only the European region, but also its overseas counterpart. As a result of the decline in interest in the shooter itself, its competitive scene suffered as well.

However, we shouldn't avoid noting the result of such a phenomenon as the PUBG Nations Cup 2019. Several important positive factors were at play here: the number of maps, the list of participants and the format of teams.

As a result of the first factor, each match ended up having more impact on the final standings. In addition, the list of participants consisted not of famous tags, but rather of countries. The use of the national teams has added an extra spark to the competition. After all, now the audience needed to cheer not for their usual favorite teams, but for the representatives of their country. This is a sure way to boost the overall atmosphere of the event.

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