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Dota Finals in Ukrainian Central Park!

Dota Finals in Ukrainian Central Park!

23rd of June 2018. Summer theater "Seashell" (Mariinsky Park) will host the Grand Final of the Non Stop Energy League - an esport tournament for Dota 2. The total prize fund of the tournament is 120,000 UAH of which 80,000 UAH will be distributed between finalists.

The days when computer games took away players' time and energy are over. Today, esports is a serious hobby, and already a profession for thousands. The fees and salaries of top-ranked esports athletes are comparable with those of well-known football players.

The image of a pale "botanist" with red eyes is an outdated stereotype. Cyberathletes (including Ukrainian ones), which perform at the highest level, take care of their health as carefully as other athletes. Sight, coordination, cognitive abilities and the ability to work in a team are especially important for them.

On June 23 in the Mariinsky Park everyone is invited to get acquainted and take a look on to how young Ukrainians self-realize and earn on love (and talent) for video games Starting from 12:00 on the location of the summer theater "Seasheel" the Non Stop Energy League finale will begin - regardless of the weather!

Non Stop Energy League 

Non Stop Energy League is national tournament on Dota 2 in turbo mode, which is held by the tournament portal ESM.ZONE. Qualifying rounds lasted a whole month where 3 thousand sportsmen from Ukraine took part. The top 20 made their way to finals - 4 teams of 5 people. This is the players of the "Immortal" level – the highest rating in Dota 2. There's only a few thousands of such players for the whole world.

The organizers of the Non Stop Energy League are the ESM.one esports platform and the largest local energy drink "NON STOP". The tournament is conducted with the support of the Ukrainian esport federation of Dota 2. This is the official league in the gaming client and the results are submitted to the Liquipedia Dota2 Wiki.

Esports for everyone

The Non Stop Energy League final will be interesting not only for cyberathletes, but also for all Dota 2 fans, as well as for parents whose children are attracted to video games. This tournament is the first in Ukraine for championships on Dota 2, which is held in the "Turbo" mode. One of the advantages of Turbo Mode is that it makes the game faster, more spectacular. Viewers will appreciate this by watching the broadcast of matches on a huge screen.

In addition to the matches themselves, the entertainment program includes educational lectures, a presentation of the federation, quizzes and jokes, communication with the best players of the country, streamers and opinion leaders.

«A successful esports athlete is the one for a thousand. It is necessary to understand that esports is not just "computer games". The athlete must grow and develop, strive for concrete results and achieve them. At the event, we will tell them how to improve rating, assess prospects and develop abilities. How to ascend to such a scene and become a winner in our the next event.

Perhaps the future champion is slumbering in you or in your child, but this requires systemic development. Strategy, regular training, training in team play skills is of huge importance.

In this scenario he can not prosper without the support of friends and family. We will explain to parents how to determine that the child is really engaged in esports, what is his rating and prospects, and how to help him achieve success. Our goal is to grow real champions out of young Ukrainian gamers who will earn millions by taking part at local events and major world tournaments on behalf of our country», — says Ivan Danishevsky, the founder of ESM.one.

The prize fund of Non Stop Energy League is 120 thousand Ukrainian hryvnias. 40 thousand have already been paid in the qualifying stage, in which the games were held daily for a month. 80 thousand hryvnias will be awarded  at the grand final. The winning team will get 40 thousand hryvnias, the prize for the second place is 20 thousand, the third - 12 thousand, the fourth - 8 thousand hryvnias.

Sponsors and partners of the event: Acer Predator, Lanet.TV, Razer, DxRacer, Twitch. Companies equip entertainment and exhibition areas for guests, invite to play "one on one" and win prizes.

For those who do not have the opportunity to attend the final, ZEER.TV will be live broadcasting the event online.

Date and time: June 23, from 12:00 to 22:00. The official opening of the final is at 14:00.

Location: Kyiv, Mariinsky Park, summer theater "Seashell" (3 Parkway Rd).

The final will take place in any weather. Esports players and fans are not afraid of rain!

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