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Overwatch World Cup: Three years later

Overwatch World Cup: Three years later

Overwatch World Cup was the most popular tournament of the recently held BlizzCon. The competition received the most viewers, but how does it fare compared to the previous tournaments of the series?

First let's talk about the tournament itself. Like in some other disciplines, Overwatch has its own mini-olympiad. Game developers collect the top ten teams at their main exhibition, all of the participants being the winners of regional qualifiers. The list of countries that are allowed to the enter qualifier stage is compiled on the basis of the number of the strongest players of the highest rank in the game's ranking system.

In 2019, the United States team managed to win the Overwatch World Cup. US players were able to surpass their Korean counterparts, who were dubbed by many as world champions in absentia. It seems that with every year the Korean esports scene is losing more and more titles.

This year has reached the peak mark of 146 thousand peak viewers. This result was obtained at the semifinal match between the national teams of the USA and Korea. Compared to the previous tournaments in the series, this result has been the worst one so far. The difference from the last year was 41%.

We should add that the grand final of the 2019 season itself, the one with the participation of Americans and representatives of China, has stopped at the second spot. It managed to collect 138 thousand viewers, which is quite a bit less when compared to the first spot.

The broadcasts of the event have gathered of 71 thousand average viewers. This does not play to the benefit of the Overwatch brand, since such a figure, just like the peak one, is the lowest among the entire series. Compared to 2018, the difference is almost 117 thousand. Over one season, the indicator has lost more than half of the audience, or to be more precise, 62%.

As it can be seen, this season's event has big problems. The 2019 competition is in last spot among all its counterparts. The event is inferior in both peak and average broadcasts viewers.

Moreover, such a situation is not new to this discipline – with the very Overwatch League showing only negative results from stage to stage. The game developers themselves are well aware of this, but because at the exhibition we saw the announcement of the second installment of the shooter. It seems that in this way the studio is trying to get its players back, but will it work out?

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