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OWL: The not-so-good news.

OWL: The not-so-good news.

The second split of the Overwatch League has come to an end. Esports Charts followed the competition and today we will tell about its intermediate results.

In general, the second stage of the league has some quite problematic places. Namely, this includes the following factors: the average number of viewers as well as the English, Korean and Chinese broadcasts. Even while we do not take Chinese platforms into account, we should acknowledge that the league has problems even on these services.

Let's start with the main results. The average viewership figure for Overwatch League broadcasts has decreased by 12 thousand. However, the peak figure of the competition has stopped at the much higher mark than the year before. The current peak of the second stage is equal to 246 thousand viewers, which is 10 thousand more compared to the previous season.

What about the English-speaking part? It showed extremely disappointing results. The broadcast has lost almost 23 thousand viewers on average and 16 thousand viewers at the peak. The part lost by the Korean viewers was not the largest by far, with their peak figure having decreased only by one thousand viewers.

The only stream that came out completely in the green zone was the French one. It increased its results by two and a half thousand viewers on average and almost 4 thousand viewers at the peak. Unfortunately, this did not enhance the situation around the second stage of the discipline's main competition that much.

We should separately note the achievements of the participants. We will base our ranking on two values – the average number of viewers at the matches of the team, as well as the total number of viewhours. The latter indicator is not very objective, given that it depends on the number of matches and grows as the team progresses through the tournament.

First of all, let's summarize the first stage. Given that the last time our article did not contain such data, this time we will fix this flaw.

The most popular participant of the league based on the average viewership was the New York Excelsior. The New York guys have managed to gather 187 thousand viewers on their matches. The bottom spot of the ranking is occupied by a representative of Paris – Paris Eternal. Its matches have reached the average mark of 145 thousand viewers.

When sorting the list by the total number of viewhours we can see the top spot being occupied by a newcomer – Vancouver Titans. At the same time, the very same Paris Eternal gets the bottom place based on this indicator. What can we say, these guys are definitely out of luck.

Now we can talk about the second stage of the championship. Based on the average viewership, the title of most popular team in the ranking goes to the representative of Seoul - Seoul Dynasty. The bottom spot goes to Philadelphia Fusion.

When we look at the viewhours, then Vancouver Titans again become the most popular team. On the other hand, we can say the results of Florida Mayhem are much worse – with the total gap between the top and the bottom of the ranking being equal to 1,424 thousand hours.

We have previously provided a comparison of the first stage of the Overwatch League. This article can be checked in more detail on this page. We can say in advance that, at the time, the trends shown by OWL were not pleasant at all.

As of today, it can be said that the popularity of the league has almost reached its maximum. Yes, in North America, the game shows fine performance and constantly gets into the top 5 most popular disciplines of the “New World.” However, the overseas fan base doesn't show much growth, which is why Overwatch shows such results.

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