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PCS: Asia is back on track

PCS: Asia is back on track

PCS Charity Showdown was the first big PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds tournament during the pandemic. The tournament has clearly shown the existence of big problems for the shooter in Europe and America. Yet back at the time one could simply say that the competition was aiming to be nothing more than simple entertainment. Then, what happened during the first season of the PUBG Continental Series?

All in all, we are seeing a repeat of the results. Asia (more precisely, the countries of Oceania and Southeast Asia) is the most popular region once again. This is true both for the peak viewers and average viewers indicators. On the other hand, the North American tournament had the fewest viewers. Still, not as bad as the four thousand viewers present during the last phase of NPL.

The Thai-language broadcast has brought PUBG Continental Series 1 Asia Pacific the most hours watched. Namely, its result accounts for the 63% of the total hours watched. 18% more were brought by the Vietnamese-language stream, whereas the English-language one was responsible for 15% of the total result.

Japanese and Korean were two most popular languages at the Asian tournament. Despite being rather unusual, this was to be expected. The battle royale still has a large fandom in these particular countries, while half of the list of participants of PUBG Continental Series 1: Asia has consisted of Korean and Japanese teams.

A comparison between PUBG Continental Series and Charity Showdown shows some very interesting things. The results demonstrated by Oceania and Southeast Asia for these two events are almost identical, with only a couple of thousand average viewers difference.

The state of affairs for the Western tournaments was quite different. The European tournament has scored 4 thousand average viewers more. The same was true for the North America – which has outmatched Charity Showdown in terms of results. Looks like the extra viewers were indeed drawn in by the seriousness of the PCS event.

The second season of the PUBG Continental Series will begin in August and will allow us to gain a better understanding of the game's current state. As for our respective report, you'll be able to find out about it through our social network pages: VK, Twitter and Facebook. In case of having more questions, you may refer to our Discord server.

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