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PUBG Europe League: The bad news

PUBG Europe League: The bad news

In 2019, the developers of PUBG revised their vision of the professional scene. Instead of a large number of tournaments, the game received regional leagues with several phases and intermediate competitions. World Championship will conclude the season, gathering the most powerful teams from around the globe.

However, the European fans of the shooter did not appreciate the venture, as displayed by the level of interest shown. Over time, the number of viewers on the PUBG Europe League broadcasts only decreased, with this downward trend being fully established by the third phase.

The stream's peak viewers mark for the three phases of the competition fell from 51 thousand in the first phase to 28 thousand viewers in the final. With a whole season behind, the difference between these two indicators equals to 45%. It wasn't like the middle part of the year was any different, with the second phase gathering only 35 thousand peak viewers.

The broadcast of the season's end has gathered 15 thousand average viewers. At the beginning of the competitive year, this indicator was at around 20 thousand viewers. The drop in the result over the course of three phases was 22%.

Compared to the first phase, the hours watched indicator actually grew. However, the third phase of the European League received more airtime, more exactly 24 more hours. The increase in hours watched compared to the league's debut was 7.6%.

Only two aspects can be positively commented on: the French and German broadcasts. Both of these have shown all-around growth. The result of the stream for the German fans had a 52% worth increase in peak viewers. The average viewers indicator received an increase of 49%.

French broadcast has also managed to stand out, receiving 50% more peak viewers than during the first phase. The average viewers, in turn, showed an increase of 8.8%. However, the results of this broadcast in the final phase are inferior to the middle of the season, although they do leave behind those from the league's debut.

It is difficult to pinpoint any specific teams due to the features of the PUBG gameplay. But in the case of this game, the personal broadcasts of participants will help us determine the most popular participant.

The most popular team with a personal stream is Reciprocity with its 3 thousand peak viewers. The guys from Natus Vincere were a little less successful, having collected 200 less people on their broadcast. The bronze of the ranking went to Digital Athletics Yayını and its result in 2 thousand viewers.

Based on the hours watched, the stream of “born to win” comes out on top. Following this team are the representatives of G2 Esports. Completing the popularity top 3 is Digital Athletics Yayını.

It is important to note that the short-term international tournaments in this discipline have actually been successful. For this year, the most popular of them was the PUBG Nations Cup 2019, which almost reached 500 thousand peak viewers. The reason for the success of the competition was an excellent list of participants from 16 countries, among which you can find fans of the shooter hailing from Russia, Korea, Vietnam and other parts of Asia.

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