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The phenomenon of Apex Legends

The phenomenon of Apex Legends

In the modern world, the "battle royale" genre is no longer regarded as something phenomenal. Even with such an over-saturated market, there was still a niche to be filled by the new shooter from the very company responsible for the excellent FPS series. Here we are of course talking about the Apex Legends.

During this week, the Internet was buzzing with news about the new game from the creators of Titanfall. Respawn Entertainment has released its very own battle royale, set in the same universe as the studio's previous creations. This has resulted in such an amount of attention and positive feedback for the project, that holding a tournament for it became only a matter of time.

The first to dare doing so was Twitch, organizing a competition that featured the most popular streamers of the genre. The invitations were sent to the popular personalities (such as Ninja) and to the common representatives of different language communities alike.

The game has managed to show all its power even during a single tournament day, achieving a peak figure of 568 thousand viewers, and having the maximum amount of viewers for the category as a whole exceed 600 thousand. Considering that we are talking about the game which was virtually unknown just recently, such results are quite surprising.

Comparing the Twitch Rivals: Apex Legends to the other events rivaling it, we should note that its popularity eclipsed all the other online competitions provided by this streaming platform. Despite having received Twitch Rivals of their own, the other events didn't even manage to get close to the creation of Titanfall's developers.

The total viewtime of broadcasts was equal to 3.2 million hours. Considering that many streamers have been airing theirs only for 10 hours or less, this little record may be only the beginning.

Additionally, the presence of the platform's old-timers – such as Ninja, Shroud, or DrDisRespect – flatly meant that the other games had not even the slightest chance to succeed. The former representative of Cloud9 became nothing short of the scene's star, with his matches peaking at 230 thousand viewers. As for the other two, their peak figures were equal to 75 and 70 thousand viewers, respectively.

In case we zoom our attention away from this particular event, we can note that the shooter has set a clearly dominating trend on this platform, with the last week ending with Apex Legends being the most popular category. The situation gets even more absurd given that the League of Legends, ranked second, got only half as much viewhours compared to the new BR.

Comparative analysis of the titular game's rivals shows that during its first post-release week, PUBG has managed to gather a bit more that 400 thousand viewers – whereas Fortnite, the current leader of this genre, gathered a little more than 80 thousand viewers during its own first week. In other words, Apex has managed to start with a bang.

So far it seems that this month promises to show some intense results, likely having some of the three most popular categories (Fortnite, League of Legends, and Just Chatting) deposed from their current spots. We will surely continue following the worldwide trends, notifying you about those through our Twitter or Discord.

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