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The most popular streamers of November on Mixer

The most popular streamers of November on Mixer

In November, we were finally able to watch a full battle of achievements between Ninja and Shroud. Both streamers have spent a full month of broadcasting and now all the reasons for awarding title of the most popular streamer are here. We provide more details about this below.

Based on the hours watched in November, Shroud became the first. This was expected, since in October the streamer has almost managed to climb to the top in just a couple of broadcasting weeks.

It is worth noting that over the last month of the autumn, Shroud has managed to spend a total of 251 broadcasting hours. For comparison, the same indicator for Ninja reaches only 181 hours, which means the difference between streamers is a total of 70 hours. As a result of this, the gold rank went to the Mixer's “newcomer.”

On the other hand, Ninja still has the best performance in terms of average and peak viewers. Namely, 9.4 thousand average viewers have watched his broadcasts. In turn, Shroud has gathered 7.8 thousand average viewers.

As a result, we have a situation where Tyler Blevins gathers more viewers. There are several reasons for this. One of them is media activity, since while Shroud is engaged in broadcasts, Ninja shows up in various large shows. As an example, recently a large podcast with him was released on True Geordie’s YouTube channel. At the time of writing, the video was already watched by 800 thousand people.

In part, Mike himself is also to blame for attracting a large number of viewers. The fans of this duo have many common interests and when one of these two stops broadcasting, a significant part of the audience goes to his rival. Shroud has brought his audience along with himself – and this audience, in turn, started taking interest in other channels as well.

The rest of the ranking has changed, too – given that yet another radio channel has disappeared from the top 5. This time, it was VintageRoom. Remember that in October we have found another similar channel, ChilledCat, to be no longer in the top. In November, the only representative of the music-related channels to remain was Monstercat, taking the third spot.

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