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The most popular streamers of October on Mixer

The most popular streamers of October on Mixer

In October, Mixer has managed to get into the breaking news of the streaming industry once more. This time the platform has managed to entice away the third most popular streamer – Shroud. You'll be able to find out about Mike's first steps there in our monthly Mixer summary.

For starters, let us remind you that the transition of the former cyberathlete took place at the end of the month. Therefore, his first month on the platform is not yet over, and he is yet to demonstrate his actual performance. In today's results, he was able to spend only 50 hours of broadcasting, which is almost three times less than the result of Ninja.

Shroud has peaked at the mark of 77 thousand viewers. However, in the last stream of the month, the figure fell to 27 thousand viewers. One the same day, the average viewers indicator was equal to approximately 20 thousand. This figure is still less than that of Tyler, who after a couple of months still manages to reach 32 thousand viewers.

It is worth noting that for the two, the ratio of the hours watched to the airtime is far from being similar. If Ninja had 2 million hours watched for 169 hours of streaming in October, then Shroud managed to get 1 million 227 thousand people for his 50 hours of streaming. From this it can be derived that Ninja had approximately 12 thousand average viewers. In case of Michael the same figure reaches 24.5 thousand.

In the nearest future, one can safely expect a sharp drop in the viewer interest to Michael’s broadcasts, just as it happened with Ninja earlier. However, there is the opposite effect as well: both streamers share a similar audience, allowing them to complement each other to a degree – when after watching the stream of one player the fans go to the stream of his rival.

In general, the first spot in terms of the hours watched went to Ninja. Following him is Monstercat's online radio. Shroud got the third spot. The fourth spot went to another music channel – VintageRoom. Closing the top 5 streamers is KemaBaba. This page broadcasts Paladins: Champions of the Realm. Thanks to it, viewers get special points for buying content in the games of Hi-Rez Studio.

The arrival of a new (and more importantly, popular) streamer on Mixer should benefit the overall popularity of the platform. At the same time, Shroud himself risks losing a significant part of his followers as a result of such a decision. We should expect seeing the first real results in November.

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