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Pro League: The minor issues

Pro League: The minor issues

The ninth season of the Pro League Rainbow Six: Siege has ended. We have summarized the results of this championship and decided to compare them to those of the previous season – and we can say in advance that the numbers will not please the fans of the game.

The overall results of the concluding part of the championship are far from good. The average number of the broadcast viewers has dropped to 118 thousand, while the peak figure did not exceed 190 thousand. Compared to the last season, both figures have shown a decline of 31 thousand viewers.

In a stark contrast to the overall situation, Italian and Spanish broadcasts have displayed extremely positive results, which comes as a slight relief considering the lack of positive news at the event. The growth of the first stream was equal to 2269 viewers for the average figure and 2369 viewers for the peak figure – while the second one has increased own figures by 1 and 2 thousand viewers respectively.

The English audience was the one with the largest decline, the respective broadcast’s average viewership figure decreasing by 10 thousand viewers. At the same time, the peak figure wasn’t that different from its season 8 counterpart, being equal to 3 thousand viewers. And yet, what was the cause of such results?

Among the many reasons, there are also the results that Europe and North America have shown in this championship. Starting from the semifinals, the English-speaking audience was represented only by the North American roster of Evil Geniuses. As for the Team Empire, it is seen as more related to CIS due to having four Russians and one Estonian on the team.

If it were not for the failure of G2 in the regular part of the European division, we would likely receive an increase in the total number of viewers. This is partially confirmed by the results of Pro League Season 9 - Europe.

As it can be understood from the comparison, the viewership figures of this competition have increased by 3806 viewers (on average) and nearly one thousand viewers (peak). Most of the new viewers came from the English-language broadcast. However, Russians have also participated actively, the respective figures of which have increased by 329 viewers and nearly one thousand viewers.

This model shows us the very increase of the audience that was supposed to happen at the season 9 finals – but due to a number of negative factors, this didn’t come to pass. Such factors included the European schedule that wasn’t too compatible with Asian and American regions, the failure on part of the European scene, and many more.

As a conclusion, it can be stated that community’s overall interest in the game continues to gain momentum. Still, the shooter from Ubisoft is still pretty much in the development stage and is too dependent on the factors which are out of developer’s control.

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