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PUBG: How was the start of the season?

PUBG: How was the start of the season?

PUBG fans had some great news in 2019, namely that the developers of the game have finally decided to take the esports scene of their game into own hands. As a result, the world scene was divided into several regions, and we will summarize the achievements of each one in today's article.

The logic behind the actions of guys from PUBG Corp. seems to be understandable to everyone. The studio wanted to create a full-fledged infrastructure for the competitive scene of the shooter. They've ensured extra stability and reliability by providing the cyberathletes and organizations with fixed salaries and participation spots in long-term leagues.

Now, what has happened around the world after the first phase? Europe became the most popular region, gathering almost 20 thousand viewers on average. PUBG Europe League 2019 has peaked at 50 thousand viewers. This figure was achieved during the third week of the regular season.

PUBG Master League 2019 has received the least amount of attention. Such a result was expected given that this championship is held between the Taiwan and Hong Kong teams. As a result, the average number of viewers on other platforms did not exceed 3 thousand. The stream has peaked at 7 thousand viewers.

We would like to give a special mention to Japan and its PJS 2019 Season 2. Despite the fact that we rarely see the Land of the Rising Sun participating in the most popular disciplines, it shows a great performance when it comes to the less popular games – such as Rainbow Six or PUBG. The average number of viewers on the official broadcast of the Japanese league has almost reached 7 thousand, while the respective peak value has reached 14 thousand.

To compare, the North American championship didn't manage to gather much more in terms of viewership, with its average figure of almost 9 thousand viewers and the peak figure of 20 thousand viewers. This essentially means that despite the drastic differences in population and financial resources, the Japanese region still manages to hold its own when compared to its rivals.

This phase has concluded with the first inter-regional tournament from FACEIT. At the FACEIT Global Summit, the organizers have played not only the prize pool, but also three additional spots at this year's World Championship. The event was viewed by 76 thousand people on average, while the peak number of viewers has reached 145 thousand.

Many will say that the new system of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds had a rough start, and yet they won't be entirely correct. While the statistics are not that impressive (the rivals of this discipline show much better numbers), this is only the beginning and the large international championships with impressive prize pools are still waiting ahead. It is quite possible that this factor will help the shooter to set a new record and climb to the top of the ranking.

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