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QuakeCon at Home: Viewership statistics

QuakeCon at Home: Viewership statistics

Today our article is dedicated to one of the most significant annual events in the gaming industry - QuakeCon from Bethesda.

Due to COVID-19, the event was held in a new format. The devs couldn’t organize a personal meeting with the fans, so they decided to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Quakecon online for 3 days. 

The company supports charity initiatives, so they’ve created an opportunity to donate to different organizations. They’ve also launched an exclusive charity merch, so some part of its income will go to people in need.

Moreover, Bethesda made a game sale and gave away 3 original parts of Quake to all gamers.

Bethesda has flattered the fans with the amount of content for existent games and has shown the new projects.

DOOM Eternal will get a new “The Ancient Gods” expansion, and we’ll see its full trailer on the 27th of August on Gamescom 2020.

The Elder Scrolls Online continues to grow, and on the 24th of August, the game will receive a new update called “Stonethorn” with dungeons, assaults, and an army of vampires.

Shinji Mikami presented to us the news regarding his new project, GhostWire: Tokyo. The game is still under development, but the most important thing, we’ll have an opportunity to pet the dogs in a first-person mode.

Regarding the statistics, QuakeCon at Home has collected 34K viewers at the peak and 1M Hours Watched. Apart from the official Twitch broadcast, the fans were celebrating the anniversary on YouTube thanks to streams of IGN and Gamespot. The peak of this platform is 1725 viewers.

The English-speaking audience wasn’t the only one. The devs organized a separate French broadcast, so 768 French-speaking viewers watched it at the peak.

Quake World Championship 2020 took place on the same dates, and it became a concluding part of Quake Pro League Season 4. 24 players competed for $150,000. 6,4K viewers watched the tournament on average, but the peak of the final day reached the mark of 30K spectators.

One of the best all-time Quake players, Rapha and Raisy, have fought against each other, and their battle has ended with a 4:0 score. They’ve attracted 2x average viewers more compared to other participants.

QuakeCon 2020 is leading by viewership statistics. The growth of Hours Watched is 322% compared to the last year. The reason for this result is primarily in the online format and the longer duration of the event.

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