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The most popular tournaments of August

The most popular tournaments of August

The last month of summer is traditionally the period of calm and silence in esports as many players and employees have vacations. The main reason is The International, the most grandiose Dota 2 tournament in the season. Only a few companies can compete with such a giant event.

The Chinese audience is much more loyal to League of Legends, that is why LPL Summer, the Chinese esports league, took the first place. The fourth place is occupied by LCK Summer, the Korean league, while LMS Summer took the fifth place, where teams from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao took part. Honor of Kings Champions Cup with a $1.000.000 prize pool grabbed the third place. King of Glory is quite popular in the Middle Kingdom so it often gathers a lot of viewers.

LPL Summer overtook The International 2018, but it didn’t prevent the Dota 2 championship from taking a confident second place. Great activity from the Chinese fans was provoked by the success of the Chinese team PSG.LGD, which reached the grand finals and took the second place after the stubborn fight against OG.

The situation is also extremely interesting without the Chinese audience. The third place was unexpectedly taken by the Call of Duty biggest tournament of the year — Call of Duty World League Championship 2018. Call of Duty franchise is extremely popular in the US and, what is more, the tournament made a new record for the discipline.

The International 2018 grabbed the first place and it set a new record for the tournament. The second place is occupied by Fortnite Summer Skirmish Week 4. The summer tournament series of the most popular game in the world finished, so we are waiting for the start of the autumn championships and new records. LCK Summer and NA LCS Summer took the fourth and fifth places — the Korean league appeared to be more popular than the European one as the Koreans had the finals while the Europeans will have them in September.

The list of the most popular tournaments among the English viewers mostly repeats the previous top with the only one exception — LCK Summer is replaced by EVO Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament. Fightings are quite popular in the US. If you want to be in case of the topic you can read our report about CEO 2018, the largest fightings festival in the world.

Russian-speaking top looks quite hilarious — pompous The International 2018 gathered almost half a million people at the peak, while the second and all others places had ten and twenty times fewer viewers. It is very funny that Fortnite Summer Skirmish Week 4 took the fifth place as Russian-speaking community mostly ignored Fortnite. Several popular Russian streamers took part in the event and broadcasted it — that was enough to make the tournament one of the most popular event among the CIS viewers in August.

The most popular Twitch broadcasts are also quite unexpected — the first two positions are occupied by the personal channels of two streamers who rebroadcasted the official Youtube stream of Esports Demonstration Event of 2018 Asian Games. it was the test of League of Legends tournament without any prize pool or medals. It was made to understand what is needed to organize esports event. Next Asian Games in 2022 will have official esports tournaments on different disciplines with medals for winners.

The English-language and Russian-language streams of The International 2018 took the third and the fourth places. The last place was grabbed by Fortnite Skirmish Week 4. You can watch more Twitch analysis in our blog.

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