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The most popular tournaments in August

The most popular tournaments in August

Ending the summer was the month full of Dota 2. The International was held with a bang and showed the newfound strengths of Valve's game to the whole world. Today we will tell you about the tournaments which were at the top of the popularity rating in August 2019.

In the overall standings, the main Dota 2 tournament of the year has taken the first spot. The International 2019 became the world's first. Its peak viewers mark reached 1 million 968 thousand. This result was obtained at the finals of the competition with the main prize of which was $15 million. We also have a detailed tournament report.

Valve's game became the second in the ranking once again. This time silver went to the company's shooter and its tournament StarLadder Major Berlin 2019. The first stage of the championship took place in August. We have already described it in more detail in this article.

The following two spots went to the game of Riot Games. Third was the North American Regional League - LCS. Its most popular match has brought together 494 thousand 765 peak viewers. At the same time, the fourth spot went in favor of the League of Legends European Championship. The most popular European encounter gathered quite a bit less than the overseas counterpart – 494 thousand 671 viewers.

Closing the top 5 is the PUBG tournament for the national teams. Nations Cup is also not far behind the middle part of the top. Its most popular round was able to reach the mark of 470 thousand viewers. The discipline did not have such an occurrence for a long time. If you are interested in the topic of this tournament, you can learn more about it in our news.

Looking exclusively at English-speaking viewers, small changes in the top 5 can be noticed. The top spot is still held by The International 2019, but the owners of the next two spots have changed.

Among the Western fans, LCS became the second most popular event. Following it is another League of Legends championship - LEC. Both competitions, in comparison with the general top, were located one spot higher. StarLadder Major Berlin fell to the fourth spot of the ranking.

At the same time, a new face can be seen at the fifth spot. It was the Super Smash Bro. tournament from EVO. It took place as part of a fighting game festival known as Evolution Championship Series. We have already summed it up on our blog.

The Russian-speaking part of esports fans is largely faithful to its usual trends. However, the CIS top also had a spot for newcomer, namely for the Warface Armageddon League. The championship in the not-so-popular shooter reached 30 thousand peak viewers, thanks to which it was able to reach the third spot in the top.

The Dota 2 event again took the top spot. The International retained its position, which is the expected result among the Russian-speaking viewers. These gamers have always been thrilled about Valve's strategy.

The second spot was taken by StarLadder Major Berlin. Helping with this were the representatives of the CIS in the person of AVANGAR. Kazakh players made their fans worry, but still got their way and gathered 150 thousand peak viewers.

What is more surprising, the fourth spot was taken by the post-Soviet space qualifiers at the BLAST Pro Series Moscow. The match between Nemiga and forZe helped the competition get into the top 5 most popular tournaments.

Standing out among the rest was the Russian-language streamer SilverName. His battle with Orange at GrandMasters 2019 Season 2 Europe received 16 thousand peak viewers. A similar result helped the match reach the fifth spot in the popularity ranking among the ru-community.

Finally, we’ll talk about the most popular channels in August. Predictably the first two spots went to the official broadcasts of The International. The first spot went to the English-language page, and the second to the Russian-language one. In the middle of the list is the Riot Games' channel with the summer split battles of LCS. Next came the stream of the Evolution Championship Series. Closing the top was the English broadcast of the Berlin Major.

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