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The most popular tournaments of December

The most popular tournaments of December

By its end, 2019 was pretty much overwhelmed by mobile gaming. The final of the PMCO Fall Split Global Finals became the most popular tournament of December. We will tell you about the other participants of the ranking in today's summary.

As usual, we will start the article with the overall ranking. As already mentioned, PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split Global Finals became the most popular event of the last December, with the guys from Bigetron RA becoming the winners. The competition has gathered 525 thousand peak viewers. The Indonesian broadcast made the biggest contribution to the tournament.

The final of ESL Pro League Season 10 took the second spot, attracting 369 thousand peak viewers. Following it is the League of Legends' “star tournament” with a rather small gap: All-Star Las Vegas 2019 has attracted 304 thousand peak viewers. To see a mere annual entertainment event almost catching up with a time-proven league with a large prize pool is quite peculiar.

The ranking's fourth spot also belongs to a representative of mobile esports: SEA Games 2019, a tournament for a mobile MOBA known as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Encompassing Asian countries, the tournament has collected a total of 284 thousand peak viewers – which is the best result out of all the games presented in the competitions of this region (including the championships for Dota 2, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, Tekken 7, and Arena of Valor).

Closing this part of the ranking is the titular Rocket League tournament. RLCS Season 8 World Championship has gathered 280 thousand peak viewers. We have already made an overview of the results of this tournament, and you can familiarize yourself with them at this page.

In case we only look at the English-speaking viewers, the balance of powers shifts towards CS:GO, with the RLCS Season 8 World Championship being at the top of the ranking. It should be noted that nearly the entirety of the event's peak viewers mark was obtained thanks to the English-language broadcast.

The second spot went to the finals of the ESL Pro League 10th season. In this case, more than a half of the peak viewers mark was obtained with the help of the English-language broadcast.

The ranking's middle spot was taken by the final of the ECS Season 8. In this case it was all about the final match between Astralis and Liquid. Meanwhile, the fifth spot went to another match between these teams – which took place during the BLAST Pro Series Global Finals 2019.

It should be noted that the ranking's fourth spot was also obtained in a clash between the US-based teams (of Punk and iDom) yielding the Capcom Cup 2019 its 118 thousand peak viewers.

As for the Russian-speaking top, nothing out of the ordinary here – it is filled by the tournaments for Valve's games which were marked by the participation of this region's teams. The Russian-language broadcast peak viewers mark is yet to meet its match, despite being achieved as early as December 1st.

The first spot went to the qualifiers for the season's second major. The peak viewers mark of 121 thousand was achieved during the Gambit vs Gentlemen match for the DreamLeague Season 13 CIS Closed Qualifier.

ESL Pro League Season 10 final took the second spot, gathering 115 thousand peak viewers at the match of Natus Vincere. Following it is yet another CS:GO tournament: EPICENTER 2019 with its 107 thousand peak viewers. We have mentioned this one on our blog.

Yet another peculiar fact: in case of CIS, the Dota 2 qualifiers tend to attract more interest than the matches of teams from this region which take place in the playoffs of large championships (such as EPL).

Closing the top 5 are two Dota 2 competitions. ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational Singapore took the fourth spot with 88 thousand peak viewers. Following it was the CIS qualifier for WESG 2019 with 43 thousand peak viewers.

The broadcast of RLCS Season 8 World Championship stands out as the owner of the biggest peak viewers mark on Twitch. The other four spots all went to CS:GO, in the following order: ESL Pro League channel, ECS Season 8 Finals stream, BLAST Pro Series, and the Russian-language EPICENTER 2019 broadcast.

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