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The most popular tournaments in February 2020

The most popular tournaments in February 2020

February has turned out extremely eventful, with some parts of the esports industry even setting new records. Today we will tell you which of the February events have turned out to be the most popular.

The Polish IEM Katowice 2020 was marked by the month's highest peak viewers indicator. The match between Natus Vincere and Astralis has gathered 721 thousand peak viewers. Additionally, the competition has managed to set a record for the Russian-language broadcast of the final, which happened on March 1st. We have already covered this in more detail in our blog.

Blast Premier Spring was the second CS:GO championship in the top. Its format was updated and this update has worked wonders, allowing it to set a record in terms of visibility across all the BLAST tournaments.

This kind of double entrance was also featured by League of Legends. LCK Spring 2020 became the second most viewed competition of the month in terms of the peak viewers. The LoL performance of Korea's main league has attracted a total of 661 thousand peak viewers, a result which was achieved by the guys from T1. This particular team is already known to cause all kinds of records, with the 4 million viewers attracted at the LoL Worlds 2019 being their latest achievement.

The regular stage of LEC Spring has also shown itself in a decent way. The spring split of the Europe's main league has attracted a total of 475 thousand peak viewers at the match of Fnatic versus G2 – which were arguably the 2 major teams present at this event. Although this indicator doesn't quite reach the one from the previous year, obtaining such results at the regular stage is quite encouraging.

Of course February has also featured the mobile gaming; namely the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The fifth season of MPL ID, Indonesia's main competition, has gathered 476 thousand peak viewers. It should be noted that such an indicator exceeds its counterpart from the previous competition by 64%.

When looking at the English-language broadcasts, the ranking would now favor LoL, with the first spot going to LEC and its 335 thousand peak viewers. The middle spot of the top will be occupied by another representative of the game, LCS. The North American championship has gathered 303 thousand peak viewers – while the incredible result of LCK has dropped to merely 189 thousand peak viewers.

As for the CS:GO tournaments, their positions have been shaken, with IEM Katowice (now occupying the second spot) having its peak viewers indicator dropped to 192 thousand viewers. This is yet another reminder of the strong influence of the Russian-speaking viewers on the results displayed by the Valve's games.

This is further confirmed by the CIS-based viewability top. The top 5 is filled exclusively by CS:GO and Dota 2. Additionally, the fifth spot of the Russian-language ranking was occupied by the regional qualifiers for the upcoming major – and that's considering the fact that the month was already full of many interesting events.

The first three spots went to CS:GO tournaments, with the already mentioned two being followed by the London ICE Challenge. This one has attracted 136 thousand peak viewers, and also was one of the few championships where the number of viewers on the English-language broadcast was eclipsed by that on the Russian-language one.

Such a situation was achieved thanks to the efforts of the Natus Vincere, which has shown itself in an excellent way in all the three championships – which, in turn, became highly attractive to the viewers.

As for the top of the esports-based Twitch channels, it is quite coherent with the overall top of this month. The first two spots went to the two broadcasts of IEM Katowice, and yet the Russian-language broadcast has shown much more viewability – which is a quite rare sight for the industry.

Following these were /lec and /lcs, this year's main venues for the European and American championships, respectively. Before this, /riotgames was the place to go to for the broadcasts of the western events. Closing the top 5 was the Russian-language broadcast of the Blast Premier Spring.

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