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The most popular tournaments of January

The most popular tournaments of January

2018 began with huge amount of marvelous events and great esports tournaments like revolutionary Overwatch League or ELEAGUE Major 2018. We also have our own achievements — Esports Charts created a record number of new tournaments last month. If you want to be updated with the latest esports statistics you should read our report.

New League of Legends esports season started in January so a huge amount of new Spring leagues launched worldwide. The Chinese and Korean league (LPL Spring and LCK Spring) became the most popular in January together with the Chinese tournament 2017 Demacia Championship. Huya Destiny Cup is the Chinese PlayerUnknown’s Battleground tournament — this game is popular all over the world however players from China are the most loyal and active fans of Battle Royale — our statistics proves it. The last place took ESL One Genting 2018, a Dota 2 tournament on which the Chinese team Newbee demonstrated the power of their region and took the first place on the tournament. 

China differs significantly from all other world and our January statistics proves this fact once again. The triumphant opening of the Overwatch League and the grandiose ELEAGUE Major 2018 set a new quality standards for esports, but these disciplines are not that popular in the Middle Kingdom. CS:GO released in China several months ago and the only Chinese team on the Overwatch League is Shanghai Dragons which demonstrates bad results. Overwatch League was very popular at first days of broadcasting, but later amount of viewers gradually fell, so the average number is not that high compared to the peak. ELEAGUE Major 2018 had the opposite situation — people were not interesting in watching The New Challengers Stage (offline qualification), however much more people started to watch the tournament with the start of the playoff. 

American NA LCS and Korean LCK Spring took the third and fourth place. Surprisingly EU LCS didn’t gather enough viewers to get to the top. Hearthstone World Championship 2017 was held separately from BlizzCon. Asian players dominated the playoff, thus amount of the Chinese viewers increased by three times compared to the Hearthstone World Championship 2016.

The English-speaking top is pretty much similar to previous one, except for the fifth position. Hearthstone World Championship 2017 was replaced by Awesome Games Done Quick — the famous charity event from best gaming speedrunners.

Russian esports fans ignore the existence of League of Legends since Dota 2 is #1 discipline in the region. In the same time the most popular tournament of the month was ELEAGUE Major 2018 because there were a lot of teams from the CIS. Hearthstone World Championship 2017 also gathered decent amount of viewers since ShtanUdachi from Russia reached the playoffs

The list of the most popular Twitch streams looks like the English-speaking top, however there are some interesting moments. Each League of Legends league have they own regional Twitch channels, but the main and the most important for the game is twitch.tv/riotgames. It hosts the most interesting matches from all regions. That is why there are two channels, which broadcasted the same tournament — NA LCS.

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