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The most popular tournaments of January

The most popular tournaments of January

January is the start of the season for many competitive disciplines. But it's still a middle of the season for some of those. So today we are going to find out the most popular tournaments and disciplines of past month.

If we take the whole world (sans the Chinese platforms) into consideration, then we instantly have the leaders of the month: The Chongqing Major and the three regional leagues of League of Legends. Closing the top 5 is the speedrunning marathon Awesome Games Done Quick.

Based on this data, we can say that Dota 2 has managed to stand out. This particular game rarely manages to get a lead in viewability compared to its main rival – but in January, Valve's MOBA has finally managed to leave LoL behind and obtain a better result. The relatively late start of League of Legends' competitive season is partially to blame here.

At the same time, the League of Legends' regional championships have once again displayed the influence they have on the video gaming industry, taking 3 spots out of top 5 at once. EU's main championship, LEC, should also be mentioned – as it has shown more advanced results starting from its first week, with current viewer interest levels having exceeded those shown during the last spring.

Awesome Games Done Quick has managed to put on a good show. The marathon has successfully blended into the "esports holidays" period, gaining a sizeable audience as a result, and becoming the fifth most viewed event of January. This steady growth of the event is something we have already mentioned before, for which you can navigate by the following link to read the corresponding article.

From taking a look at the Russian-speaking community's statistics, we can see the total domination of Dota 2. Three Dota 2 tournaments have managed to enter the corresponding top 5 at once. The Chongqing Major has taken the first spot, being followed by The Bucharest Minor. Another Defense of the Ancients tournament, this time hosted by WePlay, took the 4th spot.

As for the 3rd spot, quite surprisingly, it went to the European qualifier at IEM Katowice. It seems that the CIS community isn't all that interested in its own minor, seeing how it took the 5th spot – which is two positions below the Europe Minor Championship.

In terms of individual channel ranking, the situation holds no surprises. The official LCS page, along with its spring split, took the first spot. The second spot went to the AGDQ channel. Following these are the Starladder's broadcasts of The Chongqing Major, with the final spot going to Eleaguetv and its ELEAGUE CS:GO Invitational 2019.

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