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The most popular tournaments of June

The most popular tournaments of June

Strange as it may sound, but half of 2019 has already passed. The sixth month turned out to be rich for new games and interesting events. In this article we will summarize the results of June and tell you about its most popular tournaments.

As usual, we'll start from the overall results shown by the industry. The Fortnite Pro-Am show from Epic Games became the most popular event of the month. The tournament for the gamers and world-class stars was held on a high note, allowing it to take the first spot in the popularity ranking.

Holding the second spot is the Moscow Dota 2 Championship. EPICENTER Major presented the audience with a large number of interesting matches and an exciting final, allowing the event to update its peak figure record as well as to hold the title of the most popular major of the 2018/19 season.

The mobile version of PUBG has shown a surprising performance. Namely, the club tournament for Southeast Asia has managed to gather a fairly large audience. We remind you that while the Chinese platforms did not get into the overall standings, Asian viewers were still included in the monthly statistics. As it turned out, this region loves not only mobile MOBA games, but also shooters like PUBG.

When looking exclusively at English-speaking audience, the situation changes dramatically. This time Dota 2 and its events disappear from the list – and appearing on it are the League of Legends events. Rift Rivals between Europe and America got ranked third, while the fourth spot went to the regular part of LEC.

Suddenly, the finals of the RLCS 7th season managed to get in the top 5. We have already mentioned this event in one of our latest articles. Unusual soccer aside, the top 5 also features the change of spot occupied by EPL. The final of the ninth ESL Pro League was able to get to the second spot of the English-speaking popularity ranking, all because of its return to Twitch.

Looking at the Russian-speaking viewers, it can be understood that Valve's products still dominate their ranks. In this case, four out of five representatives of the top are Dota 2 tournaments, with the odd one out being the very same EPL final for CS:GO.

We should also note that ESL One Birmingham 2019 became a quite interesting competition, even despite the lack of DPC points. Moreover, it was able to overtake the Kiev minor, creating a sizable gap between the two – and this is despite the fact that the event was not even included in the current season of Dota Pro Circuit.

When it comes to the most popular channels section, everything seems quite predictable. The first spot is taken by the official ESL CS:GO channel showing the final of Pro League 9th season. Following it is Dota2RuHub with EPICENTER Major broadcasts. The third spot goes to the LCS page, riotgames. Closing the top 5 are the English-language EPICENTER stream, as well as the official RLCS broadcast.

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