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The most popular tournaments of May

The most popular tournaments of May

Something incredible happens every month in esports. Esports Charts works to form order out of chaos to understand trends and real achievements of the industry. Welcome to our monthly report, today we will talk about May.

The last month of Spring decided to leave the stage pompously. Chinese as always shocked us. Mid-Season Invitational set a new record of a simultaneous amount of viewers in the esports history — 127 million viewers at the peak. We wrote a blog about this event with infographics, you absolutely need to read it.

The next place took the massive tournament — PUBG China Pro Invitational. All popular teams and players from Middle Kingdom joined it, thus it attracted a lot of viewers. The last and the most important matches will be held in June, so we are waiting for even better results.

MDL Changsha Major is the Chinese Dota 2 tournament which won the Chinese team. There were no LPL or any huge league in May, it helped Dota 2 tournaments to gather more audience than before.

Mobile game King of Glory is quite popular in China thus King Pro League always have a lot of viewers. Just in June the last matches will end and compare to the statistics of the same tournament which was held last year, King of Glory started to gather more viewers. The discipline growths simultaneously every month.

Demacia Cup Summer is a major Chinese League of Legends tournament. It gathered a huge audience, but it could be even more popular. It was broadcasted only at Douyu, thus many Chinese viewers couldn't or didn't want to watch this tournament.

The list of the most popular tournaments without the Chinese audience is also quite interesting. Mid-Season Invitational is still in the first place, Dota 2 tournaments Epicenter XL and ESL One Birmingham attracted attention of viewers due to the successful performance of the most popular teams. CS:GO is also here — IEM Sydney demonstrated an extremely spectacular confrontation between the strongest teams in the world — Astralis and FaZe, thus this tournament totaled a lot of viewers.

The most interesting fact is that Rainbow 6 Siege took the fifth place. There were some reasons for that: few amount of really huge tournaments in May, while Rainbow 6 Siege had extremely important lan final with the best team from the world. This young discipline has a huge potential and our team is glad to observe how does it develops.

The English-speaking top is quite different from the rest. You can see Overwatch League here — the third stage finished in May thus last matches totaled a lot of viewers and fans. The second Twitch Rivals also gathered a large audience on Twitch, although amount of spectators dropped twice compare to the previous tournament. PUBG loses its players and fans significantly with each month.

The list of the most popular Russian-language broadcasts is quite conservative — only Dota 2 and CS:GO. All these tournaments appeared here since popular teams like Natus Vincere and Virtus.Pro played there. In the same time MDL Changsta Major was extremely successful for VGJ.Storm, team of the popular Ukrainian player Roman “Resolution” Fominok.

Twitch statistics didn’t surprise us too. Nevertheless, it is quite funny that both Russian and English channels of Epicenter XL appeared here and that the Russian-speaking channel turned out to be more popular. It was the Russian tournament so it is not strange. 

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