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The most popular tournaments of November

The most popular tournaments of November

Autumn is a period of loud announcements and great achievements in the gaming industry and esports. November clearly didn’t disappoint us in this regard, as it set new unprecedented records.

Worlds 2018 grand final was held in November — it was a key League of Legends and the whole esports key event. Yes, we are talking about those 205 million "viewers" at the peak, an unprecedented number for the whole esports as a whole. Mobile game King of Glory took the second place. It will be interesting to see the December stats to compare this year’s and last year’s grand final, which gathered almost 20 million people at the peak. PUBG continues to gather a huge audience in China, however, we can see a certain regress. PUBG China Pro Invitational 2018 Season 2 gathered significantly fewer viewers than the first season. The tournament was broadcasted at a fewer amount of platforms where it was broadcasted — it seems to be the main reason. NEST is League of Legends Chinese tournaments with only Chinese teams — it is enough to attract the audience from the Middle Kingdom. Overwatch World Cup is a national competition, so the confrontation between China and South Korea couldn’t gather a lot of viewers given the fact that the game is quite popular in Asia.

The stats without Chinese viewers traditionally looks completely different. Worlds 2018 is still in the first place, the next is Dota 2 tournament — The Kuala Lumpur Major. It gathered such an impressive audience primarily because of the Russian-speaking viewers. PUBG Mobile Star Challenge hyped because of the viewers of Southeast Asia viewers, especially from Indonesia and Thailand. Z Event is a unique event marathon which brought together all the popular French bloggers and streamers — this fact brought to the stream 375 thousand people at the peak. it is most likely the record of the simultaneous presence of French viewers at one broadcast. ECS Season 6 Finals closed the top five — it is a major CS:GO tournament with the participation of the strongest teams in the world.

If we take into account only the English-speaking viewers, the situation changes again: ECS Season 6 rose to the second place and we can see another big CS:GO tournament — IEM Chicago. There are also Overwatch World Cup and the match between Canada and France. It is curious that it is also the most popular match among all non-Chinese viewers, primarily due to the huge activity of the French community. The last place was taken by World Chess Championship. This tournament gathers more and more viewers with each year due to a high level of production and broadcasting.

Russian-speaking audience stable as a rock: only Dota 2 and CS: GO. The participation of popular teams attracted the attention of viewers and the final of The Kuala Lumpur Major with the Virtus.Pro won the jackpot and gathered 256 thousand people at the peak. DreamLeague Season 10 also gathered viewers because of the participation of Natus Vincere in the final.

We have already written the blog about the most popular sections on Twitch in November, but if we talk about specific channels, the undisputed leader is Worlds 2018, and then the Russian-language channel The Kuala Lumpur Major, while the English-language one is only on the fifth. Probably, for the first time in history, the French channel hit the top with Z Event.

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