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The most popular tournaments of October

The most popular tournaments of October

Autumn is one of the hottest periods in the entertainment industry. Esport is no exception — there were many many tournaments in October, nevertheless, the real star of the month was Worlds 2018 — the largest esports championship of the year.

Worlds 2018 gathered 149 million people at the peak in October, which was a new record in the esports history. As we already know, the grand final of the championship was held in November and at the peak, it gathered more than 200 million spectators. Just think about it: more than half of the US population watched the tournament!

All subsequent positions in the top were taken by tournaments, which are closely related to the viewer’s base from China. For example, the best teams of the Middle Kingdom took part in the Huya Tianming Cup PUBG Championship, and the King Pro League Fall Season is a King of Glory tournament which is the mobile game in China. The CN vs EU Championship was quite popular among the Asian audience and was almost completely ignored in the west, despite the participation of local stars. The fifth position was taken by the extremely curious China CFPL Season 13 Crossfire tournament. This ancient shooter is quite popular in China and in Asia in general, however, it didn't appear in the top before. There were not so many tournaments in October, that is why Crossfire was able to rise head and remind everyone that it is here.

The situation is significantly different among the non-Chinese audience, except for Worlds 2018. League of Legends tournament also took a confident first place here. It is followed by the closest competitor of League of Legends by terms of popularity — Fortnite and his Fortnite Fall Skirmish, its grand final gathered over half a million people at a time. It is curious that due to the lack of League of Legends leagues and other popular tournaments, two Dota 2 championships appeared in the non-Chinese top — Maincast Autumn Brawl and ESL One Hamburg. Both are not included in the Dota Pro Circuit system and both have risen so high primarily because of the Russian-speaking audience. RoV Pro League Season 2 took the fourth place, the Arena of Valor tournament, which is quite popular in Southeast Asia.

The English top is obviously very different from the non-Chinese. World Championship 2018 and Fortnite Fall Skirmish are unshakable, but then — the grand finale of EPICENTER, Broadcaster Royale: Omen Challenge with the participation of some streaming stars and RLCS Season 6: Europe. Rocket League is a stable esports discipline with a huge audience in Europe and America, you can read a special blog about the game if you want to know more.

The list of the most popular tournaments in the Russian-speaking region is the most classic for last several recent months - only Dota 2 and CS: GO. Worlds 2018 is not here as the League of Legends is extremely unpopular in the CIS region. It is curious that Natus Vincere, which is extremely popular in the CIS region, took part in three of the five most popular matches.

The most popular broadcasts on Twitch also do not surprise. Worlds 2018, two streams of Fortnite Fall Skirmish (official and one of the players), then Russian-speaking broadcasts of Dota 2 tournaments.

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