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The most popular tournaments of October

The most popular tournaments of October

The second month of autumn was marked by a storm of applause towards mobile esports. Three championships of this industry were included in the top 5 most popular events of October.

In general, this month had a number of interesting competitions. LoL fans have been busy watching the battles at Worlds 2019. The fans of Valve's shooter had, at the very least, StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 8 as well as DreamHack Masters Malmö 2019. Followers of mobile esports had not one or two but several championships happening across nearly every corner of the planet.

However, the 2019 League of Legends World Championship still became the most popular tournament of October. The main tournament of the year was watched by 2 and a half million peak viewers. But this is far from being the limit, because the recent semifinal has shown even better results – almost 4 million viewers. Remember that you can learn more about the tournament by using our PRO subscription.

The second-ranked tournament of the month was DreamHack Masters Malmö 2019. The CS:GO competition that took place in the Swedish town has received a large amount of interest. The event has gathered 335 thousand peak viewers at the match of the “home” team Fnatic and the French from Vitality.

The last three spots went to the mobile esports events. The third spot went to MPL ID Season 4, with its 289 thousand peak viewers. Following it is the Indonesian Free Fire tournament with 280 thousand peak viewers. Closing the three is the Vietnamese Arena of Glory Winter event and its 271 thousand viewers.

Overall, all three competitions show more or less the same result. More interestingly, all of them have supplanted the major tournaments in the “big” esports disciplines. We have already discussed this topic more than once in our blog; you can familiarize yourself with the articles in more detail on this page.

When looking at the top of English-speaking audience, the changes in the top 5 can be seen. The first two spots were still occupied by Worlds and DreamHack Masters Malmö, respectively. At the same time, the owners of other three spots have changed.

The middle spot was taken by the tournament from the popular streamer Dr DisRespect. His event, Code Red, was able to attract 148 thousand peak viewers at once. Following it is the Magic: The Gathering championship. Mythic Championship V has managed to gather 109 thousand peak viewers. Closing the top 5 is the North American RLCS tournament.

The Russian-speaking fans seem to be upholding their old trends. This audience continues to focus on the events dedicated to games of Valve.

For CIS, DreamHack Masters Malmö 2019 became the most popular event. The event has gathered its 113 thousand peak viewers at the match between Natus Vincere and Vitality.

Following this championship is the Dota 2 tournament in Hamburg. At ESL One Hamburg, the Russian-language broadcast has gathered 112 thousand peak viewers. The difference between the first two spots in the ranking equals to merely 1.7 thousand viewers.

The middle of the list is still occupied by the MDL Chengdu Major CIS Closed Qualifier, the fourth spot by StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 8, and closing the five was another qualifier – DOTA Summit 11 CIS Qualifier. It is worth noting that a full-fledged championship with an offline format has lost to an ordinary qualifier, popularity-wise.

Regarding the most popular channels the situation shows nothing less than a total victory of Riot Games. Only the second spot from this top is not occupied by a Worlds 2019 broadcast page. All other spots went to the streams in English, Spanish, Korean and Portuguese. It should be added that following riotgamesbrazil were the Russian-language stream DreamHack Masters Malmö and the official channel of Mythic Championship V.

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