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The most popular tournaments of September

The most popular tournaments of September

September has passed, and the world has faced several major championships. This report will help you find out which of esports events have turned out to be the most popular.

In general, StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 became the most popular event of September was. The CS:GO World Cup has reached the peak while his Dota 2 brother went on vacation. Despite this, the creation of StarLadder didn't manage to become the most popular tournament among all the majors. You can find out more about the results of Berlin Major in a special article.

The second event of September was the final of the LEC Summer Split. The European Championship showed an incredible performance, becoming the most successful European league in the League of Legends. We have already talked about this in a recent article.

Bronze went to ESL One New York. The battle of Astralis for the new title and the debut of the new Evil Geniuses roster were quite interesting to the viewers around the world. As a result, this tournament managed to get into the top 5 most popular competitions of September.

It is worth noting that the Z Event did not get into the ranking, despite having 390 thousand peak viewers. It is a marathon, and therefore does not really fall into the esports events category. However, within its framework, the Trackmania competition was held – which is still an esports championship.

Free Fire surprised us once again. Garena Free Fire Asia Invitational 2019 has not only displayed incredible performance, but also took the fourth spot of our ranking. If you are interested in the topic of mobile gaming, be sure to check out our articles about this part of esports in this section.

Closing the top 5 of the overall ranking is another CS:GO event. This time it is the Blast Pro Series, which was held in Moscow. Moreover, among the entire series, it was this event that became the most popular one among the CIS-based viewers. But this competition was to the taste of fans not only from Russia, but also from all over the world. As a result, it took the fifth spot.

When talking exclusively about the English-speaking portion of fans, then the situation will change. This audience puts LEC finals onto the throne of popularity. Located after it is the CS:GO World Cup, which is followed by yet another tournament for this game – ESL One New York. As you can see, in the west LoL is much more popular than the Valve's shooter.

Other popular games have also received some love. For example, the Overwatch League playoffs became the fourth most popular championship. The result of the league's second season is also questionable. However, the championship is still among the most popular.

The fifth spot also went to the new discipline, housing Fortnite – or rather Twitch Rivals, which was held as part of TwitchCon. It is worth noting that, even though the game itself has failed slightly on the platform of the organizer (having lost four spots in the popularity ranking of categories), the English-speaking viewers didn't pay much attention to this failure.

The ones who certainly do not like change are the Russian-speaking fans. In this region, everything has remained the way it usually was – with CS:GO and Dota 2 being well-established in the top 5 most popular disciplines.

The first spot went to StarLadder Major Berlin 2019. By the way, it turned out to be the most popular CS:GO Major tournament among the Russian viewers. We’ll tell you more about it in the near future, so be sure to follow our blog.

At the same time, Blast Pro Series Moscow got the silver. As mentioned earlier, it became the most popular event among the Russian viewers. It is worth noting that the event's peak moment was quite far from the event's final (where AVANGAR and forZe fought for the champion title).

The middle of the list has turned out to be more neutral – as the third spot went to the festival from the famous developers of World of Tanks – Wargaming. It was able to collect a good share of the audience, and therefore managed to climb this high.

The fourth was ESL One New York. What can be said, gamers from the CIS have always loved this shooter, and simply could not miss such an interesting event.

Closing the top 5 is the new tournament of our partners – WePlay! Reshuffle Madness. This competition has happened during the gap between the competitive seasons. Along with this, it gathered many popular teams from the region, which means that there was simply no sense for the fans to miss such an event.

What about the channels? The first on this list was riotgames, its result being obtained during the LEC Summer final. Next to it was the English-language stream of StarLadder Major Berlin. The middle spot went to the broadcast of the charity event of Z Event. The fourth spot went to the ESL One New York, and closing the list was the Overwatch League.

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