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The results of 2019 for ESL One

The results of 2019 for ESL One

The last event of this year from the ESL One series took place at the end of October. Which event has become the most popular? We decided to answer this question.

In total, six competitions took place under the leadership of ESL One this year. Two of them were for CS:GO and the remaining four for Dota 2. The competitions for mobile games were not taken into account.

The peak viewers indicator was reached at ESL One Cologne 2019 and amounted to 506 thousand people. Another CS:GO event has reached a similar level. ESL One New York has gathered 423 thousand peak viewers.

These competitions were also at the top when it comes to average viewers. In Cologne, this indicator was equal to 242 thousand people. At the same time, the result of the American event has reached the mark of 165 thousand.

When looking only at Dota 2 competitions, the British championship becomes the most popular out of them. ESL One Birmingham has managed to gather 361 thousand peak viewers and 154 thousand average viewers.

The guys from Gambit Esports deserve a special note. Out of all participants, this team was the only one to get into the most popular match of this year, twice. This happened at the season's first championship in Katowice and at the final event in Hamburg. Although the “red star" didn't manage to get the champion's title, such an achievement at the very least indicates the presence of an extremely strong roster.

While speaking of these guys, it is worth discussing the Russian-speaking audience as well.

Valve's games are especially popular in this region. On the other hand, the top now contains not two CS:GO competitions, but only one. The reason for this being Natus Vincere, as well as their match against Team Liquid in the semifinals of the upper bracket. Comparing the two graphs, it is clear that the CIS has a significant contribution to the popularity of tournaments of this series.

If you are interested in more detailed statistics on this and other languages, you can obtain it using our Esports Charts Pro subscription. More details can be found on this page.

As you can see, ESL One CS:GO tournaments were more successful than their Dota 2 counterparts – Given that one of them had a smaller prize pool and the list of participants not consisting of the most popular teams on the planet.

There are several reasons for such a situation, but the main one would be the DPC system. Community's level of interest is low because the series did not receive the special Dota Pro Circuit rating points. As a result, the significance of the event for the discipline as a whole has turned out to be much lower than during the 2017/18 season.

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