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The results of Arena of Valor Premier League 2020

The results of Arena of Valor Premier League 2020

Arena of Valor Premier League 2020 has become one of the most popular esports events of June without the playoffs. Before you read the results of the league itself, see the success of the qualifiers in our article.

The League became the second most popular event in the whole discipline, gathering 670K spectators at its peak. It is preceded only by the Arena of Valor World Cup 2019. So this League is the most popular AoV event in 2020.

14 top-teams of the industry fought for $350,000. Team Flash Wolves from Taiwan has won the tournament, and this is the first crucial AoV victory for this country.

In 2019 they didn't get into the top three at all, but this year they took second place at the Qualifiers. 150K watched their battles on average, and their battle with Buriram United Esports in the finals became the most viewed match of this tournament. But, Flash Wolves only closed the top-5 teams by Average Viewers.

We should note that Vietnamese teams didn’t make it to the finals, though Team Flash, Saigon Phantom, and Project H reached the top-3 AoV teams of Spring season by Average Viewers.

Also Saigon Phantom reached the top-3 teams of Arena of Valor Premier League by Average Viewers together with Buriram United Esports.

Team Flash from Vietnam became the most popular team of the tournament. 218K viewers watched their games on average. The team had the strongest community in social networks and was the top-1 team of this Spring. Thus this result was obvious, but they didn’t reach the finals.

As we can see, spectators came mostly from Vietnamese broadcasts, and the peak was reached during the match of Team Flash - 447K spectators. The peak of Thai-speaking spectators was on the final matches of the league.

YouTube became the most popular platform - 478K concurrent viewers at its peak. The next one is Facebook with 169K spectators. There were broadcasts also on Garena Live and on the relatively new Nonolive platform.

The official league overtook all the latest Arena of Valor events because of the large number of popular teams.

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