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The results of ESL One Road to Rio 2020

The results of ESL One Road to Rio 2020

ESL One Road to Rio became the next step towards CS:GO Major 2020, which will be held in November in Rio de Janeiro.

56 teams from 6 regions participated in the tournament. So the main question is: Which region became the most popular by viewership statistics?

South America

South America was the first region of ESL One Road to Rio 2020. 4 teams were competing and BOOM Esports received its slot on Major. The peak concluded 121K viewers and the match between Isurus and Imperial e-Sports became the most popular by collecting 110K spectators.

Let’s discuss the statistics by popularity, Isurus collected 54K Average Viewers and Imperial - 42K

Regarding the audience, the biggest part was from Portuguese broadcasts (86K) thanks to CS:GO streamer Gaules, English-speaking concluded 62K, Spanish - 11K and Russian-speaking viewers - 10K.


In Oceania also 4 teams fought for one place on the Major.

Team Renegades recovered after IEM Season XIV and got the invite on Major and collected 150K Hours Watched. But the fans preferred ORDER more, so 4 of their matches reached to our top and they collected 210K Hours Watched in total.

The peak was during the finals with ORDER and Renegades and concluded 34K viewers. Total Hours Watched of the event is 259K. Besides 28K English-speaking viewers, 6K Russian-speaking viewers watched the game at the peak.


8 teams participated in Asia and this region collected 44K Peak Viewers and 597K Hours Watched.

Fans had high hopes for Vici Gaming, who finished the group stage without losses and collected 152K Hours Watched. Eventually they’ve lost to TyLoo, the most popular team in Asian region. Their viewership result is 314K Hours Watched and 19K Average Viewers.

The slot on Major is obtained by Tiger, new Mongolian team, that was formed in 2020 and has already showed off their skill by winning not only ESL Road to Rio, but also Weibo Cup Asia Professional Championship 2020. They’ve reached the mark of 235K Hours Watched.

North America

North America has better statistics than 3 previous regions and the Viewers Peak concluded 315K. The viewers from Portuguese broadcasts (183K) also dominated in North America.

Such popularity of Brazilian teams and broadcasts is caused mostly by Gaules, who streamed the matches of MIBR and FURIA eSports and thereby attracted attention to them.

The winners were Gen.G. Even though the team showed average results after the roster change, at this event they punched above their weight and won the strongest team in Brazil - FURIA eSports, that finished the group stage without any losses.

The most popular match was between MIBR and FURIA eSports. MIBR showed mixed results during 2019, but in 2020 they restored and took 2 and 4 places on Flashpoint 1 and ESL Pro League Season 11 North America respectively. Their match at ESL One Road to Rio North America attracted 292K viewers on Twitch.

MIBR became the most popular team of the region and collected 2,4M of Hours Watched,  FURIA eSports is right behind them with 2,1M Hours Watched and the winners Gen.G are only on the 4th place with 1,4M Hours Watched.


CIS region definitely impressed us with its results. First things first, the fans were shocked that NAVI didn’t make it to the playoffs, even though they were the favorites of the audience, basing on the statistics of the most popular matches.

NAVI collected 132K viewers on average. This is not the first time when NAVI were leading by viewership statistics, the same situation was on IEM Katowice 2020 and ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe.

But the stats didn’t match with their game at the tournament. Firstly NAVI lost to Virtus.pro with the 0:2 score. This battle became the most popular match of the CIS region and collected 280K viewers on the peak. Then they suffered a defeat from Syman, though NAVI is Top-2 CS:GO team in the world by HLTV ranking and Syman isn’t even in Top-30.

The battle against Hard Legion was final for NAVI, they’ve left the group stage with the 0:2 score and Hard Legion went straight to the semi-finals.  

Now NAVI need to work hard to collect the points and receive their place on Major. There are also some rumors that by the autumn we will see changes in their roster.

The winners of the playoffs are Team Spirit. They won all the matches during group stage and in the finals they've beat Winstrike.

English-speaking viewers made the biggest part of CIS region audience - 144K viewers at the peak, then 99K of Russian-speaking and 85K from Portuguese broadcasts because of Gaules.

The viewership statistics could be better, If NAVI reached the final stage.


European region became the most popular because almost all top teams of CS:GO pro scene participated in it.

Astralis restored their title of the best CS:GO team. They’ve lost only once to Fnatic during the group stage and this battle became the best by viewership statistics in this region with 322K viewers at the peak.

Astralis met with G2 in the finals and won with 3:0 score, though G2 were playing better than Astralis during the year, in particular, G2 took 2nd place at IEM Katowice 2020.

The audience appreciated FaZe Clan the most by Hours Watched and this isn’t a surprise considering their fan-base. They’ve collected 4,92M Hours Watched and 147K viewers on average.

3 matches with FaZe Clan got into the top by viewership statistics and battle with G2 collected 292K viewers at the peak.

Although, if you look at other language categories, most viewed team varies from region to region. French broadcasts gathered the biggest amount of viewers at the matches with French Team Vitality, and Spanish fans watched the Spanish team Riders the most.

The distribution of the audience hasn't changed - most of the viewers came from English-language broadcasts - 230K at the peak. Gaules interfered again and Portuguese broadcasts collected 80K viewers. Russian broadcast was watched by 60K at the peak and French by 22K.

As we can see, Europe has become the most popular region and has collected 20M Hours Watched. Also, do not forget that the global quarantine obviously attracted more viewers to the online event. More about the effect of Coronavirus you can read in our previous article.

Now we can only wait for the results of the remaining tournaments to know the final list of ESL One: Rio Major 2020 participants.

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